• The Daily Happiness

    The Daily Happiness

    Happiness, 행복 (Haengbog), Bonheur, Fröhlichkeit, Hạnh Phúc, Felicità, 幸福 (Xìngfú), Felicidad, 幸福 (Kōfuku)… A word in so many different languages and yet still more or less the same meaning. Why is it only more or less the same meaning? Right,…

  • Seoul,  Solo Travel

    Seoul – good for your soul

    You can find happiness in a lot of different things. It might be the smell of your favorite flower or the taste of your favorite food. Mine was the freedom I felt while solo traveling in Seoul, South Korea. I…

  • Meet The Team

    Meet Our New Co-Author Anna

    Hi, I am Anna:)  I’m an introverted girl who loves summer, all kinds of music genres, spending time with my friends, food and of course traveling. But sadly, I am too broke to make it a hobby of mine. Ly…

  • Restaurants you can not miss in Paris! | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
    Food & Drinks,  Paris

    Restaurants you can not miss in Paris!

    When you visit Paris, get ready for a culinary adventure. There’s something for everyone, from escargots to French fries to delectable pastries and exquisite French wines. Today, let’s focus on some of the best places to eat in this enchanting…

  • Brunette girl standing in front of a black and white pixelated wall
    Meet The Team

    Meet Our New Co-Author Pauline

    A Web3 fashion founder with a love for street style I’m Pauline, co-founder of Unik Labs where I am building a Web3 brand, a fashion and tech fanatic and a good friend of Ly’s. I met Ly during our semester…

  • Carry-On Must-Haves for Jet-Set Girls | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
    Shopping,  Travel Tips

    Carry-On Must-Haves For Jet-Set Girls

    Flying is one of the most incredible experiences for me. It provides a sense of liberation. Occasionally, I am fortunate enough to witness a stunning sunrise or sunset from above, leaving me in awe. The first time I got on…