The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris

The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Disneyland Paris, the happiest place on earth, where you can enjoy memorable childhood music and see the big smiles on everybody’s faces. It is where everyone can embrace their inner child and enjoy the most beautiful and loveliest time ever. If you have already experienced Disneyland, you know what I mean when I say everything is built with such detail and furthermore with so much love! Disneyland is every time a good visit.

One of the points on my bucket list is to visit all Disney parks in the world at least once! I have already discovered the Disneylands in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris multiple times. If you have read my top 15 things to do in Paris, you also noticed that I already recommended everyone to go to Disneyland Paris. Therefore, if you decide to visit the happiest place on earth, here are the tips and experiences I wish I had known.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!

Walt Disney


Book a ticket online in advance on the Disneyland homepage. It is cheaper. Buy it for both parks unless you actually know that you just want to see only one park.

Try not to go at the weekend, because it will be packed and crowded. Furthermore, the tickets are also more expensive. 

The best season to go is at the beginning of summer because it’s warm but not too hot, or during Christmas. Then the parks are entirely magical!

Bring a portable charger for taking photos, check the Disneyland app, or share this lovely place on social media.

If possible, stay in one of the Disney hotels and spend two days there. The park is so huge, and you won’t see it all in a day even though if you rush through everything

When you are coming from Paris, take the RER A. It will take about 45 minutes and costs about 7€.


Be already there when Disneyland opens (opening hours depend on the day and are available on the website)

Go first to Disneyland Park and head straight to the castle. Try to take photos in the morning while it is still less crowdy. After that, leave the park again and go first to Walt Disney Studios Park since this park closes earlier and have a few rides with the craziest time of queuing.

When you’re done with the Walt Disney Studios, head back to Disneyland Park. The most appropriate time is before 2 pm because the parade show is around 2 pm.

Stay until the end of the day for the firework nighttime show.

Since you are currently in a happy, happy world from Micky Mouse, you will find themed restaurants and everywhere sweets and meals in a Micky shape. From Micky Mouse ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies over Micky Mouse pizza! The themed restaurants are divided into waitress service and self-service restaurants. Many of them close at 5 pm, so you have to walk a little further to find the next opening restaurant after that time.

Now the upcoming restaurants are the dos and don’t. For the waitress service restaurants, it is recommended to make a reservation because they are always booked out. The phone number for making a reservation is available on the website.


Café Hyperion (Disneyland Park)

If you love French fries like I do, go to Café Hyperion. It reminds me a little of McDonald’s, probably because it is Disneyland’s biggest fast-food restaurant. Still, for not spending too much money at a restaurant, this one is good as well. I don’t eat burgers, but they have a black burger here, which shouldn’t be wrong. You can also watch a Star Wars show during eating here. Besides, I think this is the only restaurant where I ever found French fries in Disneyland.

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost (Disneyland Park)

I think Italian food is one of the best in the world, and pasta is always a good idea. As I mentioned, there are also pizzas in a Micky Mouse shape for Kids, which you can find here. Also, if you don’t want to spend so much time and money at a restaurant, go to this one. It is a self-service restaurant that looks charming in a British colonial style with a beautiful terrace. Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost is one restaurant that opens until the park closes. So it is better to go here for dinner instead of lunch.

The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
Restaurant des Stars (Walt Disney Studios Park)

I really do not recommend this one. We ended up by coincidence at this place. Restaurant des Stars is a buffet restaurant. It looks like a school cafeteria, and the food tastes like school cafeteria food. So, do yourself a favour and avoid this restaurant. I recommend you go to the other two restaurants if you are looking for an affordable place to eat.


Auberge de Cendrillon (Disneyland Park)

I have never reached this French cuisine restaurant, even though I always wanted to. Auberge de Cendrillon is a Cinderella-themed restaurant with a grand banquet hall. The interior has high stone arches and spectacularly stained glass windows, offering the perfect royal setting. It is open during lunchtime, and you will have a banquet with a three-course menu like a princess. With royalty visits as well, of course. The only problem with being Cinderella’s guest? It is always already booked out a few months ago!!! So if you want to have lunch there, you should have booked your Disneyland trip at least three to six months ago.

Bistro Chez Rémy (Walt Disney Studios Park)

Le Bistro Chez Rémy is a French restaurant themed after Disney’s Ratatouille. I haven’t been to this restaurant either. We accidentally discovered it in Walt Disney Studios Park, but it looks so beautiful. I even read that this should be the best restaurant in both parks. It is probably better to go here for lunch because the Walt Disney Studio Parks closes earlier, as I already mentioned. They serve delicious French cuisines such as Entrecote, Brie de Meaux and many desserts. Bon appétit!

Blue Lagoon (Disneyland Park)

For all little pirates and adventurers out there, the Blue Lagoon restaurant is picture-perfect. Perfect for me because I love exotic seafood and the Pirates of the Caribbean. The Pirates of the Caribbean-themed restaurant specialised in Mediterranean food. You must also book in advance for this restaurant, but it is worth it. I had a fantastic experience at the Blue Lagoon; the dinner was delicious! Your mouth-watering dishes are served in an ambience of palms and white sand. Furthermore, you really feel you are dining in the Caribbean because the restaurant is a Lagoon on a fortress from the Pirates of the Caribbean. It is better to go here for dinner since you feel you are dining under a sky full of stars.

The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Disneyland Park is split into land-themed rides and attractions. The “Main Street U.S.A.” has many souvenir shops and sweets bakeries. Fantasyland with the castle and princesses and fairy tales. Discoveryland, the new future with Star Wars. Frontierland is the home of Toy Story and the Adventureland for all the little Captain Jack Sparrows, Will Turners and Elizabeth Swans.
Walt Disney Studios Park is also split into land themes. Still, it is not so big that you will find everything quickly without knowing the themes.

My most important advice is to try to see all the shows, parades and especially the firework at the end of the day since these attractions have significant, meaningful value because you will see all your childhood heroes, princesses and idols. Stand in front of the castle or at the end of Main Street U.S.A for the firework. For the parades, in front of the princesses’ stage, which is to the castle’s right. There are also lovely shows on the stage. You will find all the information about the parades and shows and at what time they are performed in the show program, which you can get at the entry of Disneyland Paris.

If you enter Alice’s curious labyrinth, you will find the castle of the Queens of hearts. Go there on top and just enjoy the breathtaking view over Disneyland Paris.

One of my favourite attractions of my last Disneyland visit was the Animation Academy. You can learn about Walt Disney’s history; furthermore, they teach you how to draw Disney characters and how the movies were made. I was pretty surprised when I was finished with my Stitch.


Start with the Hollywood Terror Tower and Nemo’s Crush coaster in the Walt Disney Studios because they always have the longest queues. Latter doesn’t even have the fast past opportunity.

Fast passes are tickets which you can print out in front of the ride to get into the fast line, which you can enter during a period. Everyone can get a fast pass. That time is printed on your fast ticket. The only disadvantage is that you just have to come back at a specific time and can’t decide by yourself at what point you can get on that ride.

Big Thunder Mountain, Hyperspace Mountain, Crush Coaster and Rock’n’ Roller Coaster are the best roller coasters in Disneyland Paris.

My friend and I took the single riders line for Ratatouille. There are also lines for single riders, which means you can’t drive with your friends, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Since you still experience the same fun and can talk about it together afterwards.

The Ratatouille ride is a lovely 4D ride through the kitchen of Gusteau’s from the perspective of Rémy, the mouse. It’s worth riding it at least once.

For the brave ones in Frontierland, you will find the Phantom Manor, a haunted mansion. We got terrified in there, but since you’re sitting on the ride, you will be amazed by its story.

Next to the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth, you will find the ride” Le Pays de Contes de Fees”. It is a boat tour through a miniature world of Disney villages from your beloved movies. Seeing how they build all these tiny villages in real life is incredible. Don’t go too late into the ride because it is in Fantasyland. Many attractions in this area, such as the boat tour, already close at 5 pm.

Since you’re already visiting Paris, here are also the Restaurants you can not miss in Paris and a shopping guide to the city of the most beautiful clothes and jewellery brands! These were my tips and experiences, which I made in Disneyland Paris. If anyone has recommendations as well, I would love to know, and just leave them in the comment box below this post. If you prefer a visual Disneyland Paris guide, check out my TikToks.

All in all, I recommend everyone to go to Disneyland at least once! It is worth it; you won’t regret visiting the happiest place on earth! And always remember:

If you can dream it, you can do it!

The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

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