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Your Travel Guide for an Unforgettable Trip to Seoul!

I know a lot of people think of K-pop, plastic surgeries and Skincare when it comes to South Korea. But do you know how beautiful South Korea really is? I have never fallen in love with a city that much like I did with Seoul. So here are ten things you must have seen or done when you are traveling for the first time to Seoul! It’s your perfect Seoul travel guide for an unforgettable trip!

1. Street Food

I think we all can agree that food is the love of our life. Food just never disappoints. And if you would ask me personally what my favorite food is, I would probably say without a doubt that Korean food has my heart. A must-try for all the spicy lovers in Korea is tteokbokki! It’s rice cake with a spicy sauce, and its so tasty, literally my favorite Korean food.

You can find good Street food almost everywhere, but the most famous spot to visit is the Gwangjang Market. A must-visit for all the foodies. It has a large selection of different Korean dishes, be it something salty or rather something sweet. But honestly, my advice is to find those hidden alleys with street food, because those are the best!

2. The Han River

The Han River was definitely my favorite place to be in the city. It’s such a peaceful and beautiful place. The Han River will make you feel so calm, and the vibe there is just right. Watching the sunset or the sunrise at the River is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and experienced. A really good place to make a picnic with your friends or your lover. It has not only some street food stands already there, but also you can make really easy on a floating convenience store some tasty ramen and pick some of your favorite snacks! No picnic blanket with you? Don’t worry; you can rent a blanket directly at the River. And if you’re lucky enough, maybe there is a cool event or some nice singers there. And don’t forget to rent a bike! Bike cycling at the Han River is such a nice and fun activity! Such a good place if you just want to chill a little bit and get away from those city noises.

3. Hongdae

The most famous area in Seoul. It’s such a great place to chill with friends and enjoy some incredible street busking. There are so many talented people who are dancing or playing music. There is always something going on here and the mood is always great! During the day, it’s a fun place to go shopping, and during the night, it’s the party spot. Hongdae has so many wild clubs where you have to go party once in your lifetime. It’s a must experience when you’re in Seoul because partying in Korea is completely different and a whole experience by itself.

4. Yeonnam Dong

Right next to Hongdae is the hip neighborhood Yeonnam Dong. Honestly, I think a lot of tourists haven’t heard about this neighborhood until they have been there and let me tell you it’s the nicest hangout spot I have ever been. Yeonnam is really popular for its restaurants serving European and other Asian food besides Korean. It’s an amazing spot to hang out with a bunch of tasty restaurants and lovely cafes. And on top of it, during spring and autumn it’s the most beautiful place to take a long walk. Such a beautiful neighborhood, I would go there anytime again.

5. Myeong-dong

For all my foodies again a really good spot to find a lot of tasty street food. But you cannot only find many street food stands there, but rather cheap shopping stores as well! There are so many jewelry, clothes and skincare stores, which aren’t expensive, so if you are traveling on a budget, that’s the place for you to go shopping!

Korea is well known for their skincare products, so don’t forget to check that out!

And for all the Kpop lovers, you can find at the underground station some of the best Kpop Stores. They don’t sell only cheap albums of your favorite artist, but they also have so many cool different merchandises and everything your Kpop heart desires!

6. Namsan Tower / N Seoul Tower

You have three different options on how to get to the Namsan Tower. You can take a cable car, you can hike, or a lot of people rather take the bus to the tower. But be warned, the bus is extremely full most of the time. Personally, I recommend hiking up there, because you will see so many beautiful places during your walk up there. But I can promise you that walking up there will be so worth it when you see the view up there. The best time is during sunset because seeing the sunset over the whole city is breathtaking!

7. Cafe Hopping

I cannot recommend a specific Café for your trip, but only because the café culture in Korea is enormous. It’s so different from what I have experienced in Europe. They have a bunch of cool and unique cafes in Seoul, and all of them have different kinds of themes. I can recommend checking some of them out; you won’t regret it!

8. Renting a Hanbok

A Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing and represents Korean culture. It is one of the most beautiful fashion styles in the world. For all the girlies, such a dream because you will feel like a princess, I promise. If you want to experience the Korean lifestyle to the fullest, you have to rent a Hanbok at least once during your trip! With the Hanbok you can take really beautiful photos at the Bukchon Hanok Village. A dream neighborhood! I have always enjoyed my time walking through the alleys of the Hanok Village. There are many stores in this neighborhood, where you can rent a Hanbok. But I recommend you to go inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace with a Hanbok as well! Entry is free for everyone if you wear this traditional clothing.

9. Hiking

When there is something I learned about Koreans, then it is that they love to go hiking, which is no wonder because in Seoul are so many beautiful mountains and such a great spot for everyone who loves to hike. I personally regret that I didn’t go hiking so often. Even though I’m a person who actually dislikes hiking, Seoul taught me the beautiful side of hiking. I went hiking to the Bukhansan Mountain, the highest Mountain in Seoul and let me tell you, the view up there is breathtaking and the hike was totally worth it! Another Mountain that I can recommend is the Inwangsan Mountain!

10. Eunpyeong Hanok Village

If the Bukchon Hanok Village might be too crowded for you, you can try to visit this Village as well! This Village is usually less crowded and it is filled with many cute cafes. It’s a little bit farther away from the city, but the long bus ride is going to be worth it. You can take some really pretty photos, best view from the Village is in the café 1in1jan (1인1잔).

Every corner in this Village is so aesthetic and such a photogenic place in Seoul. A really calm village, where you can easily spend the whole day strolling around here. 

I hope my Seoul travel guide helped you for your trip! For more Seoul content, follow my TikTok.

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