The Daily Happiness is an online platform to explore pretty things in life, to inspire and to dream! Everything about happy living, travel and beauty.

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Intially, The Daily Happiness was founded by Ly Hoang back in 2017 under the name Ly Mademoiselle. While growing up, Ly realised that a lot of her friends and cousins are coming to her for her advice. As a girl in the Finance branch, analysing situations and finding a solution is one of her biggest strength. However, the most important part was not the analysing and finding a solution part but instead having lots of empathy. Due to that, she created this platform as a lifestyle guide for young women in their twenties, such as her. For merely giving advice and sharing her stories as a friend or a big sister to you. A big sister, who you might wish you had like she does. Simply made by girls for girls! 

I want to be there for everyone who needs advice or a little bit of inspiration by covering all the topics in life such as studying, career, finance, fashion and beauty but also travel. Additionally, I do also want to focus some of the issues on luxury. Precisely, how to afford and invest in it, because it is something I do immensely enjoy, and I want to show that everyone who dreams about it can achieve it! – Ly


In 2020, Ly relaunched the lifestyle guide to the one you know it today: The Daily Happiness. With the purpose of experiencing the daily happiness by adding lots of sparkle into daily life. Obviously, not every day in life will be a good day, but when you can find a little something good in each day, even the bad days will get a little bit less horrible.

Therefore, let’s all of us enjoying THE DAILY HAPPINESS together, by celebrating the small and big things together, by easing our mind, by enjoying the little things in life and by simply being happy.

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