5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Growing up in a small town, I have always dreamed of the big city lights. Even as a teenager, I have always been fascinated by tv shows played in big cities, such as Suits or Gossip Girl. If you have been reading ‘The Daily Happiness’ for a while, you might already know I moved away early. At the age of 19 years old, to be honest. Back then, in my teenage years, I moved to London, and only a year later, I ended up in Munich for my studies. During my studies, I lived in Paris for my first study abroad semester, So, as you can see, I moved around very often. But looking at all the places geographically, all the cities I moved to are in Europe. Therefore, I could always go home when I wanted to.

My recent move has been an entirely different experience! You probably already saw that I moved to New York City and that change of living place was really a dream come true. Little did I know that moving to NYC would be an entirely new experience. The USA is so different from Europe. Especially living in such a fast pace place as NYC. Oh, and don’t forget how unbelievably expensive the City of Dreams can get. After living in several European cities and now in one American city, I recommend everyone to move away in their 20s at least once!

If you don’t know if this decision would be right for you, here are five reasons why you should move away in your 20s!


Moving away is like opening the door to freedom! There is so much to see and to explore outside of your hometown. All the things which our world has to offer are beyond words. Sometimes moving away can be getting independence from our parents, and sometimes, it is from society. If you’re living in a small town, there might be a situation where everyone knows everyone. Often people feel pressured if they are different and don’t fit into society. If this case is happening to you, don’t worry! Just move away! Move to a place where nobody cares. Trust me, there are places where you can be whoever you want! Everyone can have freedom and independence if they are in the right place.


Take that step outside of your comfort zone! Moving away isn’t easy, and it comes with many challenges. If it would be easy, then everyone would have already moved away. It takes a lot of courage and especially an open mind.

Honestly, I moved away so many times now, and it is still challenging for me every time. On the other hand, I love that feeling! Because it is only a challenge in the beginning, and then, when you figure it out, it will be a fantastic time. Sometimes it takes more time and sometimes less, but everything will be okay in the end.

Moreover, you will be rewarded because you will get mentally stronger, discover so much newness, explore the world and meet amazing new people! All those experiences and memories will lead you to be fearless and self-discovery!

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


This is one of my favourite reasons to move to new places. The little sister of a good friend moved to the US for a high school year recently. I remember she was a little afraid of not finding friends and being alone. I told her what my dad always taught me: “Don’t worry! You can find new friends everywhere in this world!”. Also said to her that, especially in the US! American people are so much more open-minded and welcoming!

I found amazing friends while living in London, Paris and Shanghai. Even though I can’t see them all the time anymore, our friendships are still going strong. Besides, there’s nothing better than having reunions! This time, when I moved to NYC, I didn’t only meet new friends, but I could also expand my professional network. I got the pleasure of meeting so many inspirational and successful business people. Moving away is a chance to expand not only your personal network but also your professional.

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


They say, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’. I’m not saying that moving away means you will lose relationships. Still, it will definitely not get more comfortable. Maintaining your contacts takes a lot of work, but believe me, it is possible. The good thing about this aspect is that you will focus more on the important relationships. Relationships that really matter, like family and good friends.

Distance is a severe problem, but the right people will still be in your life because you will appreciate those relationships more. Furthermore, absence makes the bond grow stronger! I have already talked in the Toxic Friendships article that I had to learn the hard way that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. However, I have a few friends who are always by my side, even though I moved away. Therefore, I appreciate those relationships even more!

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away In Your 20s | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Adulting… somehow, this word sounds so scary and intimidating. Being an adult, paying rent and bills, doing laundry, etc. The list seems endless and might seem complicated, but you know what? You will figure it out! And once you do, you will feel self-reliant.

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in work, studying, keeping my apartment clean and life in general. The older you get, the more you have to do and have to take care of. Responsibilities are constantly adding up instead of the opposite. Therefore, I was too busy, and life just passed by during the last few years. In my opinion, being busy shouldn’t be as fancy as it sounds. Nowadays, I have finally found my work-life balance. Of course, there are still times when I work more because things have to be done by a deadline. But while living in NYC, I found a way to be disciplined, enjoy life and still reach all my goals and dreams.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of being an adult. Moving away is an excellent opportunity to figure out everything because, like I already said, you will have the freedom and independence to create the life you want.

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