Why Not All Friendships In Your Twenties Will Last | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Reasons Why Not All Friendships In Your Twenties Will Last

Reasons Why Not All Friendships In Your Twenties Will Last | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Our closest friends can even become like family! Since I’m an only child, my friends are as important as my family. However, as beautiful as friendships can be, they can also be very complicated. Some of our relationships with friends span 10, 20 or even 25 years. When growing up, I always believed in “friends forever ever”. Unfortunately, now in my twenties, I had to learn that not all our friendships would stand the test of time. It’s unfortunate, but apparently, we grow and also change through our lives. So too, does our relationships with friends. Therefore, here’s everything about friendships in your twenties and why not all will last.


A lot of life changes happen in our twenties. Geographical locations, romantic relations and changing careers are just a few reasons that can cause a friendship to change or even ultimately end. However, one of the most significant issues will be the time obstacle.

When you were in school or university, it was easier to see all your friends because you had the same schedule. On the other hand, you have to balance your full-time job in your twenties, getting enough sleep and throwing your household when living alone. Some friends of you are already getting married and starting their own families, while others are moving abroad for their dream careers. You definitely should do it at least once, by the way! Here’s why you should move away in your 20s! Whatever the reason might be, you have to work harder for your friendships in your twenties for them to work out (as well as your friend!).


As you can read from the 1st reason, time is precious! Usually, you will grow closer to friends who encourage you to become a better person. Friends who will support you and bring you happiness! You won’t have time to deal with toxic relationships in your twenties anymore. Hence, here’s why you should quit toxic friendships! In your twenties, go for the friends who will stick with you throughout all seasons of life – good and bad times!


In our twenties, we are phasing lots of different milestones. Not every friend will be on track. Some friends will be fast and others slower, which is entirely okay! Because it’s definitely okay to be mid-twenty and haven’t figured life out yet! When you are currently working on your dream career, and a friend gets the first child, the things you two focus on in life change at that time. Sometimes this leads to the result that you outgrowing your friendship. Nevertheless, all the friendships you keep in your twenties are often your ride-or-die relationships. Those are the ones you travel the world with, celebrate job promotions or move to a new place together.

The twenties are scary,

fun, stressful, but also exciting! 

Therefore, the people you share those precious moments with

mean the most!

Outgrowing a friendship is never a good feeling. I know that it can be super painful. However, whenever a friendship ends, remember the right friends will stay in your life! So be grateful for every single friend you have. Show them your love, support them and remember: having a few long-lasting friendships is better than having many acquaintances!

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