How To Style Your Overknees | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

How to Style Your Overknees

How To Style Your Overknees | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

One of my favourite autumn and winter essentials is my over-the-knee boots. Not only do they keep me warm, but they also add a stylish touch to any outfit. Although many fashion enthusiasts already love this trend, I’ve noticed that some girls are still unsure of how to wear overknees or are afraid of looking unflattering.

I know that many people consider overknees cheap and unattractive. Some of the people I know also feel that way, and they even told me so. However, I believe that it is all about how you wear them. Today, I will share my tips on how to style overknees to look sophisticated, stylish, and stunning. It’s pretty simple, as there are only two rules to keep in mind.


When it comes to overknees, the right size is crucial. To avoid any unflattering look, ensure they fit your legs properly – not too tight or loose. Ill-fitting boots make your legs look weird and disproportionate and cause discomfort and annoyance as you constantly have to adjust them. We all know how frustrating it is to wear clothes that don’t fit us well. So, make sure you get the right size for your overknees to feel comfortable and look great.

The best overknees are from Stuart Weitzman. I love them because they have laces to tie them close and are so comfortable!

How To Style Your Overknees | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


The second rule is a little bit more complicated for tall girls. (I never thought there would be an advantage for short girls in fashion!) Petite girls have it a bit easier since all the overknees will have the right length and end over the knees. Now you might think this is an obvious point, but I also have seen overknees ending at the knees. Those boots give you an unflattering look and shorten the impression of your legs. So try to find overknees that end over your knees and have the correct fit because your legs will have a lengthening silhouette look.

How To Style Your Overknees | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Style your overknees with dresses or skirts for a pretty, chic and preppy look, which is also my favourite. Since it is already super cold, add a cardigan or a fur vest to complete your look.

I am styling those looks with tights in a skin tone, but if you want to be a little bit more undercover, then style your overknees with a thin black tight. (Please DO NOT wear a thick tight, because that would give you an impression of being five years old again!)

If you want to look more casual, there is also a great way to rock your overknees with jeans. I don’t have to mention that it has to be skinny since this is obvious, but just in case. Furthermore, going for this look is also perfect for winter because overknees over jeans keep you extremely warm during cold winter days!

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How To Style Your Overknees | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
How To Style Your Overknees | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

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