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Preppy College Look with Autumn Must-Haves

“Good morning upper east siders. Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite!”
Who else also heard this sentence about 100 of times? Back then in my teenage years, I was so addicted to Gossip Girl. Especially to Chuck and Blair and of course all their gorgeous outfits! I always wanted to dress like Blair, Serena and their friends. One of my all-time favourite outfits during the first and the second season was their school uniform.

Did you also have a discussion about school uniforms in your English classes during your school years? I was always one of those who argued for school uniforms. Unfortunately, you don’t have school uniforms in Germany.

Furthermore, I recently watched “The Heirs”, which is a Korean drama based on Gossip Girl and guessed what. They had the prettiest school uniform I have ever seen in any tv shows or real life. Inspired by their preppy outfits, I wanted to create a similar look, and while trying out to combine all my items in one perfect outfit, I realised that all of these clothes are autumn must-haves, which YOU also need in your closet.

F A S H I O N A B L E  


I have already told you in “Winter to Spring: 5 Steps to Transition your Outfits”, that I love over knee boots. They are so fashionable, give you the impression of longer legs and also keep you warm.

The black overknees are my second pair of Stuart Weitzman. I wanted to have a couple with a just 3cm heel so that I can walk around in them the whole day more comfortable. Also because I already have standard black boots with higher heels and due to that, I didn’t want to buy another over knee boot with more top heels from Stuart Weitzman again.

C L A S S Y   C O A T S

I would say the classy coat for autumn is a camel coat, but I haven’t found my perfect camel coat yet, but instead this beautiful coat in rosé from Hallhuber. Hallhuber is a German fashion brand, which really has a lot of gorgeous coats during autumn and winter season. In the beginning, I was a little insecure about the length, because when I tried it on I wore jeans, but with a dress or skirt like this, the outfit looks very pretty.

C O S Y   C A R D I G A N S

Actually, I was looking for a blazer with an emblem at Ralph Lauren in the beginning, because there is no better brand and place for preppy looks than at Ralph Lauren!
I couldn’t find one, which I like but luckily I found this beautiful cardigan with a blazer looks alike instead. I am so happy about it because I am wearing cardigans more than a blazer since my shoulders are too broad. Also, because a cardigan is much more comfortable under a coat than a blazer.

Besides my new overknees, this piece is one of my favourites from this season. I love how cosy the cardigan feels and especially how fancy it looks. Haha, I actually do look like one of “The Heirs” girls in this look! <3

C H I C   B L O U S E S

Since it is still too warm to wear a coat, a cardigan and a sweater under it, the lovely blouse is the perfect solution. Besides, a blouse under a cardigan always looks better and gives you a chic look!

M I N I   S K I R T S   &   P E A R L   N E C K L A C E S

These two items are no autumn must-haves but for finishing the preppy look, go for a mini skirt because they suit your overknees perfectly and add a pearl necklace for a glamorous touch. The perfect last detail would be Blair’s famous headband, but since I am too old for combining this look with a headband, I left it out.

How about you? Would you like to have/had a school uniform?

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