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10 Reasons to Study Abroad

If you have been around here for a while, you know that studying abroad is a massive part of my academic career. I am preparing for my second study abroad semester and moving soon. Still, it is actually my third time living abroad. I have already told you about my London Experiences, the gap year I took after high school graduation. For everyone who still has the chance to make a gap year, do it! Because you will regret it if you don’t take one! If you missed your opportunity to take a gap year but still want to have a fantastic experience, here are 10 reasons to study abroad.

10 Reasons to Study Abroad | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Most of the time, students decide to do the abroad semester overseas. Of course, you can always travel overseas as well, but if you think about it, it is so much easier if you already live on that continent. For example, flights from Asian countries to neighbouring countries are much cheaper than an overseas trip from Europe to Asia. The same goes for the United States or even Europe if you are not a citizen of this mainland. Take that opportunity to discover, travel and explore the world.

10 Reasons to Study Abroad | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


In some cases, it can also benefit your education and, moreover, your college credits. Some university gives you several credits, which won’t be enough for a specific master’s degree somewhere else. Therefore, an additional semester abroad can provide you with these missing college credits.

On the other hand, there is also a chance of diversity in programmes. When it comes to business, there are a lot of different branches. From Marketing, over Consulting to Finance. The possibility is endless. If you still need to figure out where to set your focus and majors, why don’t you try out something new? As for me, I decided to choose my major in Finance, but I also love the Luxury Fashion industry. So, in fact of this, I always take a course in this branch as well, besides Finance. 

Here’s how to choose the perfect study abroad program for you.

10 Reasons to Study Abroad | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Definitely one of my favourite reasons to study abroad! I made terrific friendships in London and Paris. Thanks to the friends I met there, I had an unforgettable and incredible time. Friendships you made abroad are special because you are making memories of your overseas time together. You are exploring everything new together, helping each other in every situation. Ultimately, how lovely is it that you can say you have friends from all over the world?

10 Reasons to Study Abroad | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Whether learning an entirely new language or improving your language skills. Studying abroad allows you to move to a country where you can practice that foreign language.

This was the main reason I moved to London because my English skills would still be awful if I hadn’t lived there. Trust me, it makes a massive difference if you just study a language in a classroom or are constantly using and speaking to natural speakers.


For most people, studying abroad will be the first time moving to a foreign country or even moving out for the first time. Living on your own has many responsibilities you have to fulfil. You will take care of groceries, cleaning, laundry, and cooking independently.

Besides your living situation, you often have to find out how to get around in your new city on your own as well, where to find something, and merely to manage how to live on your own. Through all these kinds of tasks, you will get more independent. As a result, that’s also why you should move away at least once!


Living abroad will give you an ultimate look at the inside of a different culture. The language, the food, the music, the values, and so much more. You will also get a glimpse of a new culture by travelling. Still, it makes a real difference if you live in another culture daily and when you’re starting to adopt your new culture.

As for me, I am a girl with Asian roots, but I was born and raised in Germany. Therefore, I have always lived in two cultures. So when I lived in Paris, it was easy to adopt the French mentality now, for example. I must admit that I am getting on with the Europan culture more than the Asian one. Still, it is fascinating since I am visiting Asia more often now.

Besides the new cultural enrichment, you will also get a different view of your culture. If you never experience something different, you will never know if you like or dislike something from your culture. But generally, people will adopt a mix of different cultures and take advantage of each.

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There are so many incredible things which the world has to offer. Besides the new culture and language, you will also expand your interests from new tastes in music or art to new hobbies. You will be surprised by how studying abroad will develop your interests so much and how you will discover yourself. Furthermore, you are also going to learn where your strengths and weaknesses are.

From living in Paris, I found that art is more exciting than I thought, and I enjoy extended museum visits. As long as it is the kind of art which I like. I also learned that one of my areas for improvement is time management, which I struggled with due to the massive traffic in the capital of France or England. On the other hand, one of my strengths is handling my life alone, even though I am living alone in an entirely new city. Everything is possible!


Every job recruiter knows all the advantages of living and studying abroad. Whether it is your independence, language skills, or global awareness. There are so many skills and traits developed by studying abroad, which will be an advantage. Also, you will have many amazing stories to tell. Nowadays, you can always go right with a study abroad semester on your resume when applying for a job.


Besides all the good reasons for studying abroad, there are a lot of challenges as well. Living abroad, culture shock, homesickness, feeling lonely etc. All these things you will face when you decide to move to another country. Sometimes the challenges are more straightforward, sometimes more complicated. Even though I lived abroad a few times, I still faced some of these problems initially. But trust me, if you are willing to take risks, you will probably not regret it!

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself if you enjoyed your time and made the most out of it or if you just are not the type to live abroad. Which is, by the way, also fine as well! So studying abroad is definitely the ultimate test. If you make the best out of it, it will lead you to my last reason for studying abroad.

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“Great things never came out from comfort zones!” “Take the risk or lose the chance” are the sayings. And if you think about it, you have to admit that things will never change if you are unwilling to take risks. Studying abroad is a huge step, but it will be a chance to have one of the most incredible times of your life!

Get out of your comfort zone, explore and discover the world, and dare to dream and study abroad! Lastly, take the chance to make yourself an unforgettable time! Let it make you the person you have been itching to become.

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