How To Dress Effortlessly Chic | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

How To Dress Effortlessly Chic

How To Dress Effortlessly Chic | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Do you ever find yourself short on time but still want to dress effortlessly chic? It can be frustrating to stand in front of your wardrobe, which seems to be bursting at the seams, and still feel like you have nothing to wear. Why is it such a challenge to achieve a chic look without thinking about what to wear all day?

The Parisian girl is known for her effortlessly chic style, but she actually takes a lot of time to decide what to wear. So, if you have trouble picking out outfits, you are not alone! It is a common situation that happens to everyone. However, with a few tricks, you can quickly achieve a chic look without much effort. I tend to choose my outfits based on how I’m feeling at the moment. Although I don’t have a particular style, I still like to add some sophistication to my clothing. If you follow these six guidelines, you can also achieve an effortlessly chic look.

How To Dress Effortlessly Chic | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Let’s start with the classics – a beautiful dress or jumpsuit is always a safe choice. One-piece garments are foolproof, but I felt like wearing a skirt and blouse today. Blouses are one of my favourite clothing items because they add a touch of chicness to any outfit. Otherwise, opt for simple designs like a white shirt, skinny jeans, or a little black dress when in doubt.

Here’s how to wear a T-shirt and jeans and still look stylish.


While beautiful and extravagant hairstyles are undoubtedly fashionable, this article focuses on achieving an effortlessly chic look, so it’s essential to consider more uncomplicated hairstyles. You can leave your hair in its natural state, create loose curls, or opt for a messy bun (though it may not be as effortless to perfect as it appears).

How To Dress Effortlessly Chic | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


When it comes to combining colours, it’s best to stick with no more than three. Using too many shades can make things look disorganized. Some colours naturally give off a more elegant vibe. Black is a classic choice, while white and nude shades also convey sophistication better than neon colours. Pastel colours have a similar effect on our perception of colour psychology as well.

Read here why black is classy and essential for your work wardrobe.


We all know that a statement bag can take a simple outfit to the next level. However, a statement piece should not be limited to just bags. It can be a beautiful blazer or fancy high heels, too. Additionally, statement pieces are usually timeless, and investing in a few high-quality, timeless statement pieces is better. By doing this, you’ll be able to create effortlessly chic outfits.

How To Dress Effortlessly Chic | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Limiting the accessories to achieve an effortlessly chic look is essential since the focus should be statement and timeless pieces. Too many accessories can steal the spotlight and give the impression of trying too hard to create the perfect outfit.


Finally, aim for an appearance of ease and grace in all that you do. Keep things simple and take a deep breath. Remember to enjoy the process of creating your outfit and, most importantly, let it bring you joy. 

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