Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Why Black Is A Classy Colour And Essential For Your Work Wardrobe

Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Funny how, over time, our preferences and opinions changes. When I was younger, I hated to wear black attire. I avoided wearing black clothes as much as possible because I didn’t like that colour. Furthermore, I also had black hair back then, and the combination of black hair and clothes never appealed to me. Somehow, I always associated that colour with darkness and grief. Nevertheless, I started to wear black clothes a few years ago due to work reasons. Hence, over the years, I grew fond of black attire and think now that black is classy and essential for your work wardrobe.

My mum always told me that black is classy and I should try it when I was younger. Until today, I still prefer light colour clothes. However, when I started to work in retail, it was mandatory to wear an all-black look. My retail job was my first real job after high school and before I went to study. Since then, my wardrobe has got many black pieces, and I also learned many life lessons about power dressing and the art of dressing to succeed. Besides work wardrobe lessons and why black is classy, I also learned other valuable life lessons from working in retail. Nevertheless, the following are the two reasons why black is classy and essential in your work wardrobe.

Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Let’s face it. The business world is a men’s world. So when we think about classy and timeless pieces, the black suit is a front-row runner. Luckily, in the fashion world, everything is possible. Hence, the elegant suit got also invented for women. Therefore, black is classy not only for men but also for women.

Even though I admitted that I still prefer light colour looks, most of my accessories are black. I like investing in classic and timeless pieces like the Chanel flap bag in the photos. When thinking about the Chanel Flap bag, the first colour that comes to mind is black because it is not only classy but has been around forever. Consequently, not only is black classy but also universal. Thus, a wardrobe in black shades is essential for your work wardrobe because the pieces will last a lifetime if you invest in the right ones.

Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


The power of colour psychology makes a considerable impact when it comes to our wardrobe and looks. It is said that monochrome looks always give the impression of a very well-put-together outfit. A monochromatic colour look is also one of the secrets to dressing effortlessly chic.

From the perspective of colour psychology, black is associated with seriousness, fear, mystery, formality, death and evil. On the other hand, it is also associated with elegance, sophistication and prestige. Moreover, colour psychology also states that for many people, the colour black affects the mind and body by helping to boost confidence since it also stands for strength and power. I would say this probably goes for black power suits for men. On the other hand, black portrays one of class elegance and wealth, which should explain why many designers create their timeless black pieces. Therefore, not only is black classy, but also essential in your work wardrobe, especially if you are in the business and law fields.

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