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These Are The Best Korean Beauty Products, You Need To Have!

Long time no video. You may remember my article, which I wrote about the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine. Since I had been to Seoul last year, I have loved Korean beauty products. I also really enjoy trying out new products from different Korean brands. For that reason, it’s all about the best Korean beauty products you need today!

When I told you the secrets about treating acne scars and hyperpigmentation, I also mentioned that I had acne back then. The problem I had faced through the last half year was that my acne returned after New York City. Therefore, I am fighting acne for the second time now. Even though I am diligently still doing my double cleansing every single day.

Due to my second acne time, I got so much more into beauty, skincare and make-up. The result leads me to a lot of research. Hence, during that self-discovery time, I learnt so many new things. Those solutions might also help if you deal with the same problems as me. Thanks to the hell of a ride I went through, I wanted to share more with you about beauty.

Moreover, not only beauty but also skincare, make-up and a healthier lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is essential because intense acne often occurs because of the inside of our bodies. We get so caught up in doing skincare and putting on pretty make-up that sometimes we forget what hormones or health problems might do to our skin. Due to that, do not only focus on your skincare but also take care of your immune system and eat healthy. Hence, for today, enjoy the video and the introduction to the best Korean beauty products you need to have.

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