Brunette girl standing in front of a black and white pixelated wall

Meet Our New Co-Author Pauline

A Web3 fashion founder with a love for street style

I’m Pauline, co-founder of Unik Labs where I am building a Web3 brand, a fashion and tech fanatic and a good friend of Ly’s. I met Ly during our semester abroad in NYC in 2018 when Linda, our shared friend, introduced us at a café outside our university building. That same night we went to a salsa house party in Brooklyn and the rest is history! I have a background in fashion, computer science and product design, studying in Munich, NYC and London.

Following my passion for self-expression and street style, I co-founded Unik Labs. We’re building a next-gen lifestyle brand that pushes the industry forward. I’ve been immersed in the Web3 and NFT space for more than two years where I learned about the possibilities that this space has for the next generation of brands. Our goal at Unik Labs is to redefine how lifestyle brands are created, consumed and interacted with.

our new co-author pauline, a brunette girl, is standing in front of a black and white pixelated wall. The photo was taken at an event for web3 fashion brands

The Web3 fashion and lifestyle industry

After I was approached by Ly to become a co-author for The Daily Happiness, I realised it would be a great opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the future of fashion. This includes the rapidly progressing space of web3 fashion and NFTs. Fashion & lifestyle brands are already experiencing a major shift in using blockchain and other Web3-related technologies.

Large brands and luxury conglomerates are jumping head-over-heels into the new space. Their goal is either to turn customers into loyal communities or to simply ‘secure a piece of the Web3 cake’. However, the space can be extremely difficult to navigate. This is not least due to its complicated and tech-focused terminology. In my future articles, I will break down the terminology and best practices of Web3 and give you an insight into the life of a Web3 entrepreneur. I appreciate your feedback & look forward to hearing what you think! All views an opinions are my own, and it is, of course, no financial advice. Have a wild week!

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