8 Rules to get the perfect Dirndl look for Oktoberfest

8 Rules to get the Perfect Dirndl Look for Oktoberfest

It’s that time of the year again! The world-famous German festival, also known as the “Oktoberfest”, will start next week. The festival commonly known as Oktoberfest is referred to as Wiesn by the locals here in Munich. So, when I mention Wiesn, it’s the same festival we’re discussing. In the upcoming weeks, it’s common to see many individuals in Munich dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing. Women typically wear a Dirndl, while men wear leather pants. It’s so prevalent that even Munich locals, particularly women, often own multiple Dirndls. If you’re planning on attending Oktoberfest for the first time and want to purchase your own Dirndl, I’m here to assist you. Once you know the rules and tips, finding the perfect Dirndl look for you is easy. This will ensure that you have a fantastic experience at the German beer festival.

How To Get The Perfect Oktoberfest Dirndl Look | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


If you’re choosing a Dirndl, consider which colour you’d like to wear. While dark red, blue, and green are traditional choices, they may make you look older. Personally, I’ve noticed this effect when wearing my dark red Dirndl. If you want a more girly and princess-like appearance, pastel or rose colours may be better options. I also tend to prefer these colours.

Once you’ve chosen your desired colour for your Dirndl, it’s essential to consider its length. Avoid purchasing a Dirndl that is too short, as it can appear inappropriate and disrespectful to Bavarian culture. A proper Dirndl should end at least three fingers above the knee, but not any higher. There are also longer Dirndls that end below the knee, which can be just as beautiful and elegant. Consider trying on both sizes if you need clarification on the appropriate length. Just remember not to go too short.

Many Dirndls styles are available nowadays, ranging from glamorous ones with glitter to classy ones with a smooth and silky texture. Your personal taste should guide your choice. I own both types, but I am particularly fond of my princess-style, glamorous Dirndls.

How To Get The Perfect Oktoberfest Dirndl Look | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


This is a very confusing point, and even I am still getting confused by it sometimes. Tieing your bow on the left side means you are single, while on the right, sight stands for being in a relationship. From your perspective, when you tie the bow.

In the middle stands for virgins, and at the back is for widows or waitresses. Actually, nobody is tieing their bow in the midst or at the back. It is just left or right.

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How To Get The Perfect Oktoberfest Dirndl Look | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


To complete the Dirndl outfit, it’s essential to wear a blouse. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as blouses with puffy sleeves, off-the-shoulder blouses, lace blouses, and more. Feel free to choose the blouse that appeals to you the most, as there are no set rules for this part.


In the photos, we are wearing heels, but in reality, none of us would wear such high heels to Oktoberfest. Choosing ballerina flats is a great option, but boots are also a good choice if you prefer something less feminine. I’ve noticed that some girls wear sneakers with Dirndls, and while it may not be everyone’s preference, it doesn’t necessarily look bad. However, it’s worth noting that many people in Munich consider this style a fashion faux pas. It’s not recommended to wear sandals or any open-toed shoes. It’s best to avoid them altogether. The inside of a tent can get quite dirty, and there’s a high chance of people accidentally stepping on your feet.

How To Get The Perfect Oktoberfest Dirndl Look | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


While many Dirndl bags are available, you can also opt for regular bags to complete your Oktoberfest look. Currently, cross-body bags are trendy, and it is essential to consider which tent you will be attending when selecting a bag. You may also wear a statement bag to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. However, it is best to avoid bringing large bags as they are not allowed and may be confiscated.


Like any other event, Oktoberfest has its own jewellery line featuring pretzels and different Oktoberfest-themed designs. Although my best friend enjoys wearing such jewellery, I personally prefer my classic pieces. There’s no need to limit yourself to Oktoberfest jewellery – wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personal style.


Braided hairstyles are timeless and gorgeous. I often admire those who wear them. Hair accessories such as headbands and flower crowns can also add a lovely touch. This video showcases three distinct hairstyles that will complement your Dirndl look perfectly.


It’s worth noting that the weather tends to be chilly during Oktoberfest, so it’s essential to bring a jacket to avoid getting sick. To complete your Dirndl outfit, consider wearing a Dirndl cardigan, as it will keep you warm and cosy while travelling to and from the festival. Additionally, bringing a scarf in case you need extra warmth is a good idea.

Consider these rules for buying your Dirndl, and nothing can go wrong! Now after you successfully created your perfect Wiesn look, it’s time to plan your Oktoberfest trip. Here is everything you need to know before visiting the Oktoberfest! I wish you all a fantastic time at the Oktoberfest with your flawless Wiesn outfit! 

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