8 Rules to get the perfect Dirndl look for Oktoberfest

8 Rules to get the Perfect Dirndl Look for Oktoberfest

It’s that time of the year again! The world-famous German festival, also known as the “Oktoberfest” will start next week. Oktoberfest is more the international name for this festival. We Munich people call it Wiesn, so don’t get confused when I mention Wiesn sometimes. It is the same festival we are talking about.

During the next few weeks, you will see a lot of women wearing a Dirndl and men wearing leather pants in Munich. These are the traditional Bavarian outfits, and almost everyone is wearing them. We Munich girls even tend to have more than only one Dirndl.

Now if you intend to go to the Oktoberfest for the first time and want to buy your very own first Dirnd, then I am here to help you. If you once know all the rules and tips, it is effortless to find the perfect Dirndl look for you. With that, you will definitely have the craziest but also most incredible experience in your life when it comes to the German beer festival.

1.   T H E   R I G H T   D I R N D L

When it comes to your Dirndl, start with the question which colour do you want to wear? Dark red, blue and green are the most traditional colours, but in my opinion, they can give you an elderly impression quickly. I have one Dirndl in dark red and in that one I am always looking older than in my others. When you want to have a girly and princess’ look, then go for rose or pastel colours. I prefer these colours as well.

After your colour decision, you should consider the length of your Dirndl. Never buy a Dirndl which is too short! Due to that, it can look easily trashy, and try to respect the Bavarian culture as well. A Dirndl should end three fingers above the knee at least. Not more! There are also Dirndls, which are ending under your knees and they are pretty as well because they are more elegant. If you’re not sure about the length, then try both sizes. Just don’t forget not too short!

Furthermore, there are nowadays so many different styles. From glamour Dirndls with glitter to classy ones with only just smooth and silky texture. Here it really depends on your taste. Take the one you like the most. As for me, I have both styles. Classy ones but I have to admit that I love my princess, glamour Dirndls more.

2.   O N   W H I C H   S I D E   T O   T I E   T H E   B O W ?

This is a very confusing point and even I am still getting confused by it sometimes. Tieing your bow on the left side means you are single while on the right sight stands for being in a relationship. (From your point of view when you are tieing the bow!)

In the middle is standing for virgins and at the back is for widows or waitresses. Actually, nobody is tieing their bow in the midst or at the back. It is just left or right.

via fashiioncarpet

3.   D O N ‘ T   F O R G E T   Y O U R   B L O U S E

Under every Dirndl must come a blouse. There are different styles like blouses with puffy sleeves, off-the-shoulder blouses, lace blouses and so on. For this part, there are no rules. Just go for the blouse you like.

4.   H E E L S,   F L A T S   O R   S N E A K E R S ?

As you can see in my photos, we are are wearing heels, but to be honest, no one of us would wear high heels to the Oktoberfest. At least not so high because it depends on if we are going to celebrate on the benches or just to go for Dinner at the Käfer tent for example.

Ballerina flats are the best choice. Boots are okay as well if you don’t like it so girly. Sometimes I also see girls wearing Dirndls with sneakers, and in my opinion, it doesn’t even look bad, but I know that a lot of Munich people consider them as a no-go.

As a real no-go are sandals or in general open shoes. Please do yourself a favour and do not wear open shoes! You can’t imagine how dirty it can get in a tent and how many drunk people will step on your feet.

5.   T H E   R I G H T   B A G

There are plenty of Dirndl bags, but you can also wear regular bags as well. Body cross bags are really in style at the moment, and it depends on which tent you are going, but you can also wear your fancy statement bag. But avoid bringing a big bag because they are not allowed and might be taken away from you.

6.   A C C E S S O I R E S

Like everything else, there is also particular Oktoberfest jewellery with Pretzels and different Oktoberfest motives. My best friend has a lot of jewellery like that, but when it comes to me, I am wearing my classic jewellery. You don’t have to buy mainly Oktoberfest jewellery. Wear whatever suits you and whatever you like.

7.   T H E   P E R F E C T   H A I R S T Y L E

Classic hairstyles are definitely beautiful braids. I am always admiring those girls with their beautiful braids! Hair accessories like headbands or flower crowns are also looking pretty.

In this video, you will find three different hairstyles to complete your perfect Dirndl look.

8.   F I N I S H   T H E   L O O K   W I T H   A   D I R N D L   C A R D I G A N

Unfortunately, the weather is always cold during Oktoberfest. So don’t forget your jacket for not getting sick! For completing the perfect Dirndl look, go for a Dirndl cardigan. They really keep you warm and cosy on your way to the festival and home. I also recommend you to take a scarf with you just in case.

So this is it. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Consider these rules of buying your Dirndl and nothing can go wrong! Now after you successfully created your perfect Wiesn look, it’s time to plan your Oktoberfest trip. Here is everything you need to know before visiting the Oktoberfest! I wish you all a fantastic time at the Oktoberfest with your flawless Wiesn outfit! 

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