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5 TV Shows to Watch When You Need Work Motivation

Do you know those days when you lack motivation and can’t seem to move out of bed to be productive or even do something? Or when you at least already moved yourself to your table and opened your task, but then you just stare at the screen because you feel stuck? Life can get hard sometimes, and staying motivated all the time is really not easy. When I have one of those lazy days, sometimes I just let it be and then I will postpone my task to the next day and treat myself to the things I enjoy doing. However, I am a procrastinator, so postponing a job is often impossible because I take my deadlines seriously. Therefore, throughout the last few years, I learned how to pick myself up and motivate myself with a combination of little things I enjoy doing, including tv shows.

You probably wonder now why watching tv shows will help you get motivated again. Still, for me, there are several tv shows which always bring me motivation and which always remind me of my dreams and career goals. I feel inspired by those characters, their business outfits and their beautiful offices with a fantastic views. Curious about those motivational tv shows? Following are the five best tv shows to get motivated when it comes to career, dreams, and goals (and friendships).

Tv Shows to Watch When You Need Motivation | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


My favourite tv show when it comes to career and goals is SUITS. Even though I am in the Business branch and not in the law field, I still have always been interested in law. Besides, I think it is essential to know a little about the law in general when you are in business.

Whenever I need a motivational push, I watch Suits. It is about a bunch of successful lawyers in NYC. One of them hired a young man as a lawyer even though he knew his new employee never went to law school. Since I finished the whole tv show already, I choose my episodes when re-watching, and most of the time, those are the episodes which involve Scottie (Dana Scott). Beautiful, intelligent and fierce. I love her; she is my inspirational role model. Sometimes the tv show also showed her office, and it’s my dream. An elegant white office with a view of New York City. I mean, who wouldn’t be motivated to get into the office every day if you had a view like that?

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Tv Shows to Watch When You Need Motivation | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Did you know that they call New York the City of Dreams? It’s a fast-paced city where young people fight for their dreams and goals. Like the three girls in the Bold Type. This tv show is about young women who are working for a fashion and lifestyle magazine in Manhattan and dealing with real job situations! From not getting a high salary (which is necessary for NYC) over getting fired, to a job promotion they worked hard for. It’s lovely to see how those girls always try to find a way to make the best of it. Furthermore, the Bold Type also teaches you that girls should help girls out in the business world instead of competing with each other and breaking each other down!

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Tv Shows to Watch When You Need Motivation | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Changing from the US to the capital of France! Emily in Paris has been a huge trend during the last few years. It’s about an American girl from Chicago who is moving to Paris to work at a luxury marketing agency. Emily’s company in Chicago acquired the luxury marketing agency Savoir. She is moving there to bring an American perspective to the French luxury industry. However, Emily will quickly discover that her French colleagues are not all delighted with the changes, and it doesn’t help it either that Emily doesn’t speak French at all. Follow Emily through her career in Paris, where she makes all the touristy mistakes, finds new friends, deals with her boss and colleagues and falls in love with le chef hot in the city of love.

Since Paris is my favourite city in the world, I love this tv show! The scenery is so dreamy and utterly different from tv shows based in NYC. Furthermore, since I also work in the luxury industry, it is very entertaining to watch this tv show. Suppose you want to watch a light-hearted tv show that shows the work side of the luxury industry and corporate girly with lots of fashion and style. In that case, Emily in Paris will be YOUR work motivation tv-show!

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Tv Shows to Watch When You Need Motivation | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


This CW reboot is based on the 80’s Dynasty tv show and is about the Carrington family in the energy business. During season one, Fallon Carrington competed with her dad’s new fiancée about the COO position but then founded her own energy company to fight against her dad’s company since she did not get the desired job. I must admit that during season three of DYNASTY, the storyline shifted slightly.

The current season is more about Fallon’s love life (lovely couple – reminds me of Blair and Chuck) after she failed several businesses. Like any CW tv show, there are a lot of dramatic scenes. However, her powerful outfits are the best working outfits I have ever seen. She’s mastering the art of dress to succeed perfectly. It is also lovely to watch her never give up despite any failure, whether in her career, love life or family.


Last but not least, a classic one. Sex and the City is a must-see for every girl. I know this tv show is more about friendships and relationships, but what I do really adore about SATC is that every single one of them has their own career path. Whether Carrie is a creative writer, Charlotte owns a gallery, Miranda is a successful lawyer, or Samantha is a PR boss lady. It is very pleasurable to see how those women are so different, choosing completely different working paths and yet can always help each other out when one of them needs a career boost. Don’t forget the two movies if you have finished all six seasons. Especially the second one, where we see how to advantage it is if one of your best friends has a reputable PR agency.

All of those tv shows are shows I do enjoy a lot. But to be honest, when I sit at my table and feel stuck, out of all of those tv shows, Suits is always my solution. For me, nothing is more inspirational than seeing those successful lawyers in their fancy outfits with beautiful offices winning their law cases. So, next time you need a motivational push, I hope one of the mentioned tv shows will help you.

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