A Life Lesson 2020 Taught Me! | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

5 Lessons 2020 Taught Me + 2020 Year Recap

A Life Lesson 2020 Taught Me! | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Trust the magic of new beginnings!

It’s that time of the year again. During the last days, I often reflected on my life. 2020 was an insane year! I remembered I had one of the best NYE so far, and I started the year with the happiest mood! Back then, I really thought that this new decade is going to be amazing. Little did I know that only a few weeks later, the whole world got turned upside down…

During 2020 my dreams and plans completely crashed. Furthermore, I also went through a lot of personal stuff. If you’ve seen my year recap on Tik Tok (@lyy.hng), then you’ve already seen that I cried a lot during 2020. However, even though it was a trip through hell, there were also many things I am grateful for in 2020. Hence, all in all, 2020 wasn’t that bad at all. Besides, there were also a few life lessons, which 2020 taught me. So let’s see our year recap together, and all the lessons 2020 taught me!


I started 2020 with a Gatsby Party in Shanghai with my friends. Until now, this was one of my favourites NYEs. On the first of January, I celebrated the new decade with a sushi dinner date. During the month, I was also interning in Finance and Controlling in Shanghai. Looking back, January was my favourite month of the year, and I was really, really happy!


In February, I spent my time in Vietnam for CNY. My family and I also went on vacation to Da Nang. However, VN holidays were different this year because we were very limited due to COVID-19. Asian people are taking the restrictions severe, and therefore, I was not allowed to do so much.

At the end of February, I went to Seoul. To me, Seoul is my beauty and cosmetics shopping heaven. A close friend of mine also came to Seoul from Germany. Together we did sightseeing and shopping with my Korean friend whom I met in Shanghai.


After my vacation in Seoul, I returned to Germany because I needed a new visa for Shanghai. Little did I know that my life turned the following months upside down. Back in March, the coronavirus was also discovered in Europe, which leads to the beginning of the pandemic. We got into lockdown very fast, and hence, I spent my birthday at home with just my parents.


A life lesson 2020 taught me that there is no other chance for it anymore once the opportunity passes! It can be as for your career as well as your personal life. Therefore, say yes to all the options and possibilities in life! Don’t be scared and get out of your comfort zone! Life is too short and trusts me; it’s always better to try out. Even though it’s not something you expected, but it is still better instead of regretting it. With the pandemic this year, we suddenly couldn’t go anywhere and are stuck in one place. Looking back, I would have done a few things differently. Therefore, I’m always saying yes to an opportunity now when I get the chance. 


April was very exciting in terms of business. This website’s relaunch was on the 28.04.2020, and since then, Ly Mademoiselle was changed to THE DAILY HAPPINESS. It also marked the anniversary of my blogging and writing articles for ten years now.

Another exciting project was the launch of LYLY CAKES, which was launched in April as well. My mum and I decided to take orders for my mum’s cake. Both projects went very well since the launch, and I’m very grateful for that. I really want to thank you all for your love and support!


Back in June, I already wrote about all the financial lessons COVID-19 taught me. The emergency money fund lesson was the most important one for me. When I couldn’t go back to Shanghai, I suddenly had two apartment rents, which I didn’t even live in, to pay. Since the pandemic started to break out in Germany, my parents had to close their business due to lockdown. I still remember that I was so scared of not being able to pay my rents. I even started to cry because there were no savings at all. Since this incident, I began to build an emergency money fund by saving a little money every month. Luckily, 2020 was a year where you couldn’t do so much anyway. Hence, it was not that difficult to save a little bit of money. So it was not only a COVID-19 but also a life lesson 2020 taught me. Everyone, go and start building your emergency money fund!

M A Y – J U N E

The months’ May and June were very tough. Looking back, I cried myself into sleep for almost every day. I went to a lot of personal stuff and couldn’t do anything about it because of the whole lockdown and pandemic situation. Back then, I was supposed to be back in Shanghai, but I was stuck in Germany because all the countries closed their borders. In May and June, I not only cried a lot but then also got into major depression. (I will publish more about this topic soon.)

Nevertheless, a good thing in those two months was that I had time to be creative. Hence I wrote about all the things I would tell my younger self and how it feels like living in NYC. Additionally, since I watched a lot of Netflix, there was also an article about tv shows you should watch when you need work motivation.


In July I went back to Munich several times. After a long time, I really felt happy again! It was nice seeing my best friends again and to just got out of the house. Even though personally 2020 felt like a trip through hell, I have to admit that it couldn’t have gotten better career-wise. Back in July, a friend of mine gave me the perfect present. She gave me a summer student job at a Marketing firm since I couldn’t go back to Shanghai and had nothing else to do. It was exactly what I needed to get distracted and to slowly got out of my depression. (Duong if you’re reading this: thanks again for helping me and getting me that job! Forever grateful for your help!)


The whole of August I was just working. It was not an exciting summer last year. However, I really enjoyed working together with my friend and all our Starbucks iced coffees! Nevertheless, something unexpected happened at the end of summer. China re-open their borders for European citizens, and since all my stuff is still over there, I started to apply for a new visa.

Nonetheless, I also saw by coincidence that LVMH was offering an internship in Controlling. I applied for it but didn’t expect anything since I really want to go back to Shanghai. In the end, I got accepted for the internship and decided to postpone my return to Shanghai.


Even though I am still very sad that I couldn’t go back to Shanghai, there was also something good in it. When reflecting about 2020, it’s evident to me that I could have never get into LVMH when I wouldn’t have been stuck in Germany. Hence, I am very grateful that I could get the chance to intern at LVMH. Besides, now I’m comforting myself that Shanghai is not running anywhere, and I can still go back when life is normal again. So yes, a life lesson 2020 taught me is that everything in life happens for a reason! You may lose something, but you gain something else instead.

A Life Lesson 2020 Taught Me! | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Right before I started my internship, I went on a quick vacation with my family. We went to Lucerne, Switzerland. Since Isetwald was close to Lucerne, we also went there because it was Crash Landing On You’s filming location. (If you have been around here for a while, you know how much I love Korean skincare products. These are all the faves you need!) Besides Korean skincare, I also love Kdramas and CLOY was my favourite Kdrama of the year. I even watched it five times. Hence, I really wanted to visit Isetwald. The lake was beyond beautiful. After the holidays, I moved back to Munich for starting my internship at LVMH.


“There will always be doubters and non-believers, and then there is you! Proving them wrong!” I already talked about this topic recently in the Prove Them Wrong article. However, believing in your dreams was also a big life lesson 2020 taught me! The truth is, I already applied to LVMH before once and got rejected. I admit that I deserved it when I got denied the first time. I wasn’t prepared for the interview at all, and I also didn’t have time for a six-month full-time job.

Nevertheless, I was still sad, of course, and even felt ashamed. So another life lesson 2020 taught me is that there is no need to be embarrassed! Rejection can happen! The importance is to bounce back and NOT TO GIVE UP! If you have a dream, believe in it and be patient! If it doesn’t work out the first time, try it again until your dream comes true!

O C T O B E R – D E C E M B E R

The last three months of 2020 were tranquil since we got into lockdown 2.0 in Germany. Luckily my skin got so much better because I didn’t have to deal with maskne anymore. (Here are three tips for preventing you from getting maskne!) I redecorated my apartment and also bought new furniture, due to staying home a lot. Additionally, I also started a Tik Tok account for posting light-hearted content. (Watch here how it is as an intern in the luxury industry at LVMH!)

For the holidays and NYE, I went back to Stuttgart for spending time with my family. Time flies so fast. I feel like time in 2020 was so surreal, and now here we are, already in 2021.

I hope you all had a good start in 2021 and wishing you a happy new year filled with lots of love and happiness!


During the first lockdown, I had plenty of time since I was just at home and had nothing to do. Hence, I used my time to puzzle or to be creative with painting and crafting on my inspiration book. Moreover, I also tried colouring again and read many books. I never had the time to do all those activities before. So I am delighted that I got time to do things which brought me joy and happiness! Unfortunately, I do not have so much time for puzzling and being creative anymore. However, I still always try to make time for these activities nowadays. So another life lesson 2020 taught me is that when you feel stress and exhausted, then take your time for things that bring you happiness!

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