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2 Ways To Kill It In A Skirt This Winter!

Even though January is almost over, here, I am. Finally back on track for 2018. Not only for Ly Mademoiselle but also for my personal life. Some of you might have seen it on my Instagram stories (@lyy.hng), that I indeed started to play tennis regularly again. Due to personal circumstances, I could not do sports for half a year, so it feels excellent to be back on the tennis court again, since playing tennis always helped me to get my mind and anger off. With my mind on ease and a lot of brainstorming for Ly Mademoiselle during the first weeks of January, I am delighted to share with you the first outfit in 2018!

I have always been a dress girl, and you can not even imagine how many dresses I have in my wardrobe, but since I have been to Seoul and watched a lot of Korean Drama shows, I also stepped up my skirt game. Amusing to see how South Korea just got a significant impact on my life during the last months.

While it is super comfortable to wear skirts in summer, since the weather is so suitable, I think it is more challenging in winter. Today I am going for a great casual yet chic outfit with a pleated skirt.

So here are two ways to kill it in a skirt this winter. Practically it is the same look. I decided to go for a midi glitter skirt with a casual and cosy sweater. The only way I changed it is the shoes.

C A S U A L   W I T H   S N E A K E R S

If you want to get a more casual and comfortable look, go for the sneakers. This is also a better choice for the day.

A few years ago you would have likely never seen me in this combination, because I never wore sneakers, and if I did, I just matched them with skinny jeans. So I am actually surprised by myself how unique this outfit looks like.

F A N C Y   W I T H   H E E L S

This way is the typicial flawless and classy look from me. Although I would generally combine the pleated skirt with a blouse, I decided to go with a sweater this time. I saw a lot of inspirational outfits like this on Pinterest, and so I wanted to try it out by myself.

As a result, I am delighted with it, and I will definitely wear this look more often. Whether with heels or sneakers.

Which way do like this outfit more? With heels or sneakers?
Another way to kill it in a skirt this winter would be with overknees! Here is a lovely look at it, and your guide how to style your overknees you can find it here.

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