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5 Self-Growth Books Everyone Should Read Now

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We are starting 2023 with a new series, which means a lot to me because it significantly impacts my life: books! When I was younger, I loved to read fantasy books and dream about those beautiful imaginary worlds. Now in my twenties, I do not enjoy fantasy books anymore. Still, I love romance books and books about business, money and self-growth. So many self-growth books opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on specific life topics. If you aspire to improve your life and be the happiest version of yourself, here are five self-growth books everyone needs to read.

5 Self-Growth Books Everyone Needs To Read | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now

This one is by far my favourite self-growth book I have ever read. It will show you why your twenties matter. While you should definitely enjoy your twenties but also work on yourself instead of throwing away your twenties just for fun.

Throughout the book, Meg Jay provides tools and advice on making the most of your twenties in terms of work, relationships, personality, social networks, and identity.



Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving

Nowadays, in our society, it’s all about bigger, better and more of everything. Somehow the definition of success became hustling until you get burnout. Being busy is the new trend; if you are not doing enough, you are apparently lazy. I have already expressed my opinion about why being busy shouldn’t be as fancy as it sounds.

‘Do Nothing’ is about why we should measure our time in terms of meanings instead of efficiency. How to work smarter and not harder. How to be happier instead of working until burnout so that you are less productive.


5 Self-Growth Books Everyone Needs To Read | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

5 Self-Growth Books Everyone Needs To Read | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


Broke Millennial: Stop scraping by and get your financial life together

We have all been there. Living from paycheck to paycheck and simply not getting your financial life under control. It took me a long time to get out of the cycle of spending all the money I earned. One of the most significant help was the pandemic and all the financial lessons Covid-19 taught me.

Suppose you want to improve your relationships with your finances. In that case, Broke Millennial is an excellent way to start how to deal with your money.



100 Things Millionaires Do: Little Lessons in Creating Wealth

Once you have your financial life under control, with the help from the book recommendation before, how about slowly creating your wealth afterwards?

This book is not a quick guide on how to get rich quickly and efficiently but a collection of tips, lessons and habits of wealthy people. Money is only one aspect of success, but your mindset and practices are equally important.


5 Self-Growth Books Everyone Needs To Read | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

5 Self-Growth Books Everyone Needs To Read | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


The Art Of The Good Life

The title alone made me pick up this book. I like the metaphor of the good life in combination with art. Kind of reminds me of the French saying ‘Joie de Vivre.

‘The art of the good life’ is divided into 52 short chapters for wiser thinking and better decisions concerning your business and personal life. This book may not guarantee you a good life, but it will give you a better chance though!


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