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Heart to Heart: Prove Them Wrong!

Do you know the feeling, when deep inside you know you can do something, but you’re in doubt because of someone else’s opinion? Sounds familiar? I have been there many times. So today, I want to talk with you about doubts, lack of self-confidence and the fear of failure. The truth is, there will always be doubters and non-believers who are trying to talk down your dreams and goals. And then there will be you! Prove them wrong and make your dreams come true!

I hear that often that people are scared that their dreams might be too big. Or that they are afraid of failing. There are even people telling you to not go for your dreams because you will never be able to achieve your goals and dreams. Crashing someone else’s vision is the rudest thing a person can do! I will never understand why people have to drag other people down instead of encouraging them. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!” is what Walt Disney said once. I always believe in this quote, and in fact, it’s my favourite one. Do not be scared of failure! There is even something good at failing! (Read here why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure!)

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them! – Walt Disney

I remember back in high school. My dream was to study International Business Management. However, my classmates were always making jokes of me. They were saying that I am not good enough for business and especially not in English. Another time, I was writing down a quote of Aristoteles and a classmate was joking that I wouldn’t even know who Aristoteles was. To be honest, I didn’t! But I still liked his quote and later on learned in class who he was. So it doesn’t matter what other people think. If you want something, you are going to do and understanding it at your own pace. Anyways, I also do admit that my grades in high school were terrible because I was more partying than studying. However, I still made it, and in the end, I got my degree in International Business Management with a good result.

After my bachelor degree, I decided to study a finance master degree. And you know what happened? Even though we are all in our twenties, it still felt like Kindergarten. Most of the guys in my class were saying I’m in the wrong major and that I wouldn’t make it. I should have studied fashion instead. The finance master degree was challenging and was way more complicated than a bachelor degree. I cried a lot actually because I was letting other people influence me with their opinion. Therefore, I doubted myself. I was fortunate though that my principal finance professor always believed in me that I would make it. End of the story? The result of my master degree will be even better than my BA degree, and I’m currently interning in Controlling.

So what I want to tell you with those school stories of mine is that even though nobody believes in you – believe in yourself and prove them wrong! I am not telling you that the end goal is to prove them wrong because honestly, do not care about doubters. Instead, do it for yourself! I am talking about this topic because sometimes we are so scared to go for our dreams. We don’t even go for our plans because we doubt ourselves, which should not be the case.

I’ve been there, and I regretted it! So do not let anyone or anything get inside your head and make you feel less than excellent! Don’t let others hurt you or make you feel less worthy. If someone does, ignore them! Do whatever feels right for you—no matter what other people say. Choose your daily happiness and go for your dreams! Don’t be scared of not making it big. The little things in life are the ones which count the most anyway.

So remember, there will always be people who want to drag you down. There will be doubters. There will be non-believers and then there will be you! The person who is going to prove them wrong! Do it for yourself. You own it to your future self. Therefore, here is your reminder to never give up on your dreams!

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