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5 Beauty Investments That Are Worth The Splurge

They say the most significant investment you can do is the investment in yourself. This saying has initially been a saying for education, but in my opinion, you should invest in yourself in all categories, notably, in your happiness and also your beauty.

When it comes to beauty products, nowadays I am choosing my products very carefully, because I went through a lot. From damaged hair, over bad skin to even intense acne. Remembering back to my teenage years, I didn’t care at all if my hair will get burned and dry or if my skin is dull and has small skin blemishes, I would say I got a 180°C change. At this age, when I am doing my hair, I always use heat protection products and afterwards a hair oil. Furthermore, I also invest in skincare products such as cleansing brushes and good quality make-up. Sometimes taking care of my hair and my skin really takes a lot of time, but I am willing to take that time for me now, instead of being lazy. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I am still sluggish, and I only do hair masks once a week, but I am doing it more often than back then in my teenage years.

Douglas is a shopping paradise when it comes to beauty products. Whether you visit a shop, or you shop online, there are so many lovely beauty products for everyone. If you want to invest in your beauty as well, then here are five beauty investments worth the splurge!

F O R E O   L U N A   M I N I   2

When first using a cleansing brush, it was super bothersome. It takes more time, and after washing your face, you also have to clean your facial brush too. On the other hand, if you want to have clear and healthy skin, you should definitely invest in a cleansing brush. The Foreo Luna Mini helps to get rid of skin blemishes, and it feels like a little face massage when using it. 

G H D   C U R L   T O N G

One time looking like Rapunzel and having beautiful, long, healthy and hair. Almost every girl dream about this. One of the best hair tools in the market are the products from GHD. The soft hair curler is my favourite. It gives you big and soft curls, and with the high-end technology of GHD, the temperature is right, so that you won’t destroy and burn your hair.

A L T E R N A   C A V I A R   H A I R   S E R U M

One of the best products for hair care is the Caviar haircare product line from Alterna. I always use hair oil after doing my hair for preventing them from drying out. The smell of the product is lovely, and also a hair oil is giving hair a shiny touch as the perfect finish.

H O U R G L A S S   P R I M E R

Do you know those moments, when you look in the mirror after a long night out, and you see that your make-up got into a complete mess? I used to have a lot of those nights or days, where the make-up has just vanished away. The solution to this problem? A primer and a fixing powder. The mineral veil primer from Hourglass is perfect for keeping your make-up in place. Also, if you really want to secure it, use the fixing powder from the same collection line afterwards.

D R.   J A R T+   F A C I A L   M A S K S

One of the best feelings for me is having a facial treatment. Whenever I get a facial procedure, that’s a pure luxury for me. However, facial treatments are not that affordable, and so I can not go to the spa every week. On the other hand, nowadays it is also possible to have your little own home spa treatment. The sheet masks from Dr Jart helping you for getting beautiful skin. Even though they are a little bit pricey for sheet masks, they are totally worth the price.

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