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Heart to Heart: The Art of Dress to Success

As a twenty-something girl, a significant aspect of my life currently, is my career. Because being in your twenties, this is the chance to build your dream career and especially the time to chase your dreams! In fashionable outfits and high heels of course! Therefore, it is time to suit up Ladies! Because dress to success and power dressing is the way to achieve your dreams, and a skill you definitely should master.

Coco Chanel once said: “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress, dress impeccably, and they remember the women.” In other words, if you want to be seen as successful and competent, then dress up like it. It is no secret that with fashion and style you can influence people’s opinion about you. Think about the men in uniforms situation. Almost every woman is getting weak for a man in uniform because they have a strong and powerful appearance. Luckily, men do not only appear to be strong and powerful in a uniform but also in tailored suits, which are often mandatory in some business branches.

In the business world, the term “Power Dressing” is something that everyone is well known about. Power Dressing refers to dressing in a style, which intended to show that one holds an important position in business or politics for example. Studies have shown that people make a judgement based on their first impression of you within a few seconds of interaction. On the other hand, Power Dressing doesn’t necessarily have to be for someone else’s opinion. It is often more about yourself because your choice in clothing also affects your state of mind. The way you feel when you are wearing those kinds of clothes. Because, in the end, you still have to feel comfortable for being able to be yourself. Luckily, there are so many different ways to dress business properly for us women.

You may know that besides my website and my YouTube channel, I am actually in the finance branch, which is a total men’s world. Therefore, it is even more important to dress powerfully. Good for me that I do really like the business look for myself. Most of my inspirations for the best business outfit I am getting from one of my favourite tv shows; Suits. Even though the characters are only fictional, I looove Dana Scott, who is also known as Scottie. I do not just take my business outfits inspiration from her, but somehow, I always get motivated to work or study hard because of watching her. It’s simply because she doesn’t only have the perfect outfits but is also super smart and sassy. (Oh, and she has a gorgeous office!) When it comes to business looks and power dressing, Rachel Zane from Suits/ and even Meghan Markle in real life, are also an excellent inspiration source. These women show us, that there are so many possibilities to rock your nine to five outfit. From classy blouses and blazers over tailored pair of trousers to pencil skirts. 

By the way, I would never wear exactly the outfit from my pictures to work. I do wear this combination sometimes but additionally with a blazer.

Keep in mind that you are capable of achieving and getting anything you want in life. Just go for it and don’t worry about failure, because there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure. Simply start by dressing like the person you want to be, and the success you desire will follow you. Mastering the art of dressing to success is just simple like that.

*in friendly cooperation with Peek & Cloppenburg.

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