#LMLLE Goodbye 2018; A Year Full Of Life Lessons!

#LMLLE Goodbye 2018; A Year Full Of Life Lessons!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done!” – Nelson Mandela

A few days ago I had a talk with someone, about that at the end of every year I love to sit down and to have a look back at my year. I think it is fascinating to see what happened and how much can change in only one year. But it is also essential to reflect the year for working on improving myself.

Looking back, 2018 was a hell of a ride. I can’t remember to ever have a year full of extremes like that. I had moments, which were the highest high and on the other hand also the lowest low moments. Since I am someone who always sees the good things in everything (or at least I always try to), I would say, in the end, I am grateful for all the wrong moments as well. Yes, I had a lot of them this year, and during that time it was tough and exhausting, but after looking back, I am thankful for all the life lessons I had to go through. Last week, I posted on my Instagram, how I said goodbye to all my nightmares and problems with a bonfire and now I am ready for 2019.

Before going through 2018 with you, I also want to say thank you! Thank you for your support, love and encouragement! It means a lot to me! I appreciate it very much and without you, I wouldn’t be here. How far I got with LMLLE, I have to thank you, guys! I love reading your lovely words and they always make me very happy. Thank you for joining me on LY MADEMOISELLE.

I hope you all had a good start into 2019. Wishing you all a happy new year, endless happiness, love and may all your wishes come true! Love, Ly <3


In 2018, I started with a very personal event. It was a huge step for my academic career. In January, I celebrated with my family and friends my Bachelor graduation in Munich.

At the end of January, we made a girls trip to Kitzbühel in Austria. I haven’t seen so much snow for years! It felt like a walk in a Winter Wonderland, and my inner child definitely had a truly happy kid moment. It was also the first time that I tried to ski. Trying is really the right word for it because I fell like for at least 100 times. Although it is not my favourite activity, it was still a funny experience.

Since I love wearing skirts and dresses, I also found ways to kill it in a skirt this winter.


“If someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right!” If we are mad at someone, we tend to think through our emotions. If this happens, we often just think about what the person did wrong to us and forget about all the good moments and what they did right.

I learned that if you had a fight with someone before you do something, which you will regret later, just take a deep breath first. When you have calmed down, then you can think clearly without stirred emotions. Often, the situation isn’t as bad as we think and we had more happy moments with that person than we can remember at that moment.


February was a very quiet month in 2018. I spent a lot of time with my beloved ones and I also kind of took a little break from everything. In my first 2018’s Heart to Heart, I talked about why being busy shouldn’t be fancy as it sounds and why it was so necessary for me to slow down a little bit.

For the fashion section, I wrote an article about the secret to keep fashionably warm during winter.


Usually, this is the month I am always the most excited about since this is my birthday month. However, in 2018 I decided not to have a big birthday celebration like usually. For my birthday in 2018, I went to have dinner with my two best friends in Munich, and another time with my family.

Moreover, March in 2019 was also instead a preparation time for April.


April 2018, was one of the most significant new chapters in my life! It was like a dream come true because I moved to New York City! “The concrete jungle, where dreams are made of!”. It was not only my first time in NYC but also in the USA. If you’re reading LMLLE for a while now, then you might know that I love Gossip Girl and Suits! GG was a tv show, which I literally grew up with. Seeing all the NYC hot spots in real life was really a dream came true.

In my opinion, you definitely should do a study abroad semester. The reasons for it you can read here. If you already know that you want to go for this adventure. This guide will help you to find the best study abroad program, and my Paris in four months article, might bring you a little bit of inspiration as well. (The NYC experiences post is coming online soon.)


Still living in NYC, I decided to go to Seattle with a friend for exploring Mr Grey’s city on the West Coast. Well, the trip didn’t start as we planned because we missed our flight and thanks to that, we camped at JFK airport. At that time, it was really not funny but looking back at it; even I have to admit that it is an experience I will never forget

Arrived in Seattle, I enjoyed the city very much. It was utterly different than NYC. So much quieter and more relaxed. For me, it was a good time to get out of the city for a few days, but NYC will always be my favourite place in the USA.


The second life lesson I learned in 2018 was a situation I personally struggled about for a long time. In the first lesson, I reminded you to not forget about all the right things someone did too. However, sometimes the good things aren’t enough, and if this happens, then you need to have to strength to let go of toxic people.

Toxic friendships were a big lesson for me in 2018. I would rather say I tried everything instead of regretting it later for not fighting enough. Therefore, I don’t let go of friendships so quickly, but in some cases, it is merely that the other person and you don’t get along with each other anymore.

2018, was the first time that I had to let go one of my closest friends. Not because she is a bad person. It was more like that we were so different and almost never had the same opinion. Also, in the end, I would say it was healthier for her and for me to let go of that friendship. Read more about it on my Toxic Friendships article.


In June 2018, I was already living in the city of dreams for two months. I don’t want to talk about NYC too much, because there will be an extra article coming online about this. However, two of my closest friends from home came to visit me in June. We did a lot of touristy stuff since it was the very first time in NYC for them as well. If you want to visit the city of dreams as well, here are the best places to visit in New York City.

In June, I also travelled to Washington DC for enjoying and exploring the quiet and peaceful capital of the USA.


In July 2018, another dream came true. I always wanted to see the world’s famous Harvard University for once. Due to that, I decided to go on a solo trip to visit Boston.
You definitely should try to go on a solo trip too. Here are all the reasons to travel alone and why you won’t regret it.

Additionally, I also took a trip to Mexico City for visiting an old friend, who I met during my time in London.

July was also my last month in New York City. During my time there, somehow my style changed a little bit too. I was often more wearing t-shirt and jeans, but then also still kept the effortlessly chic style. Thanks to living in NYC, I could learn something that was so necessary, which also leads me to my next life lesson.


Now, this is the most important life lesson for me. Firstly, at some point in life, it might is necessary to go far away to find yourself. To find out what YOU really want in your life. Simply to get to know yourself better. This is also one of the reasons why you should move away in your 20s.

I have moved away a few times before, but New York City was the first time, which was so far away from home. Due to that, I also didn’t visit home in between, which I always did before. Thanks for NYC, I could learn a lot of new things, and I could also find out what I truly want in life. This was definitely a self-discovery time.

Secondly, YOU ARE CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING! At the beginning of this post, I quoted Nelson Mandela with “it always seems impossible until it’s done!”. You know, people always say you can’t have it all. Choose, do you want this or that? But in NYC and I mean, it’s not calling the city of dreams for anything, I learned that you definitely could have it all when you believe in yourself and work your butt off. Because nothing worth having comes for free.

Besides, there is so much energy flowing in New York, which helped me a lot for staying motivated and active. There is no other place where I saw so many hardworking people and people who are fighting for their dreams at one spot like in New York City. Thus, the next time when someone tells you, you can’t do it, just ignore them and prove them wrong!


Summer 2018, was my family time. My aunt and her family visited us in Germany, and with them, we travelled to Vienna and also to Prague.

I also returned to Munich, signed my new contract and decided that I would stay for two more years in Munich.

S E P T E M B E R   &   O C T O B E R

The ninth month of the year always stands for new beginnings for me. Last year the new beginning was that I started my Master degree in finance.

On the other hand, September and the following month were tough. I was drowning in work stuff, stress and problems. Some of those problems, which were haunting me came from the past.

Additionally, there were also a few awkward moments with my clique and even in my personal life. For all those reasons, I took a step back and decided to detox my life. Due to that, I also took social media detox as well.

But you know what? They say after rain there will always be sunshine and thanks to that struggling time; I could learn another valuable lesson.


After reading this lesson, which I learned in 2018, you will realise that 2018 was all about friendships, relationships and love to yourself.The love you have with yourself is one of the most important ones, and I do not talk about narcissistic and arrogant self-love but rather the feeling of being happy with yourself. Before any relationship can work, you have to love and fix yourself first.

Furthermore, when we are in doubt, and nothing seems to work, we tend to forget that we always have a choice. A choice to change something. Like in any friendship, there will be hard times. When this happens, you have the opportunity to work on your problem or avoiding it. Trust me, forgiveness is a strength and when you see that the other part wants to fix the problem as well, then go for it and work on it together! Fight for it because the people who are never giving up on you are always the ones to appreciate the most.


In November, I took a break from my daily life and travelled to my happy place. The city of love, where I always feel inspired and happy. Paris, mon amour! It was only a short trip because I was super busy with university and work stuff but just those few days were already enough to give me new energy.

Besides, everything was going to be fine, and I was on a good way to get back on track.


One of my favourite times of the year! Christmas season! This was actually the first time in years that I could enjoy the Pre-Christmas season without any deadlines and work and stress. Therefore, I spent a lot of times on the Christmas market and enjoying my food and children punch.

Through the end of the year, I decided to move most of my beauty topics to my YouTube channel. Kicking it off with my favourite Korean skincare products. Skincare became a big lifestyle for me because I still suffer from acne. Therefore, my last life lesson is also about skincare and self-love.


Skincare is an investment and most important: it takes time! A very long time! Since I already talked about my acne suffering in posts like What is Double Cleansing?, How to treat your acne scars and hyperpigmentation and also in why I took a break from alcohol for 9 months. I want to keep this short.

Besides, there will be a video coming online about it as well.But I want to tell you that from what I learned, is that if you also suffer from acne, first of all, you are not alone and secondly, the right people around you will still love you! No matter how you look like. So don’t be sad about it! There is a solution to everything. It just takes patience and time.

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