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The Magic Of Presents With A Personal Meaning

Every year, a lot of people are struggling with finding a present for their beloved ones whether it is for a birthday or like now for Christmas. If you read my Christmas gift guide this year, you already know, that I gave you the advise to listen carefully to your favourites throughout the year. They might drop a hint, what they would like to have and if you catch that hint, you won’t get a headache of how to find the perfect present. As I also already told you before, I love finding the ideal gift for my beloved ones. Seeing how happy someone of your family members or friends is when they open the present with a big smile. Trust me this is one of the best feelings ever.
When it comes to presents, it is always wonderful when they come with personal meaning. For example, having initials print on an item is always a good idea.

For all the women in your life, you can never go wrong with jewellery. They say “diamonds are girl’s best friend!”, and yes it is true that women love sparkling jewellery, but simple golden or silver pieces are beautiful as well. Besides, simple gold jewellery is one of the secrets to dress effortlessly chic!
Nowadays, you can find jewellery in every shape and colour. Once, I saw a lovely infinity ring in rosé, which I knew immediately that it would be the perfect present for my best friend. Simply as a gesture of saying thanks for being my best friend and the infinity symbol of we will always be there for each other.
Sometimes you might don’t know the right ring size, in this case, how about a necklace? One of my cousins, who is very close to me, is going to marry soon. This time I decided to go for a silver and mother-of-pearl necklace with an engraving. Presents like this are very personal and always comes with a little magic feeling.

Christmas is going to be in a few days, and if you still need a very last minute Christmas present with personal meaning, jewellery is always a perfect solution for Christmas, a birthday, as a wedding gift, or just for making one of your beloved ones happy!

Wish you all a wonderful festive season!

*in friendly cooperation with VALMANO.

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