Essential Vitamins For Getting Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails | LY MADEMOISELLE

Essential Vitamins For Getting Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails

Everyone knows the saying “beauty comes from the inside”, which is actually referring to a beautiful and kind character, but it can also mean a healthy body and lifestyle.

When it comes to skincare, the discovery of the 10 – Step Korean skincare and the double cleansing helped me a lot to deal with my acne and hyperpigmentation from the outside. From treating it from the inside, I already told you the last time, that I took a break from alcohol for getting a healthy and glowy skin. Unfortunately, all these preventions did not help alone, so, therefore, I had to dig into skincare and body health research even more. While doing a lot of research and with the help of my doctors, I got to know more about vitamins and their advantages.

We all studied about vitamins in school but for most of us, this was a long time ago, and furthermore, we never got taught about the beauty benefits from vitamins and minerals.

Essential Vitamins For Getting Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Some of you already might hear about beauty supplements, since they became a significant trend recently. Beauty supplements are also known as the beauty superfood. They are a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential food extracts. Beauty supplements and superfood come in the form of pills, gel caps and powders. Due to that, today is all about, which vitamins and beauty superfoods are helpful for what advantages.

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For skincare, it is critical that we use the right products concerning our skin condition. The same goes for vitamins. Hence, here is a breakdown to the essential vitamins, minerals and their advantages.

Essential Vitamins For Getting Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

V I T A M I N   B   &   B I O T I N

Starting with the vitamin, I take every day; vitamin B is for boosting your energy. I was always tired even though I slept for nine hours, but since I took vitamin B, it really helps me, and I got so much more productive.
A water-soluble B vitamin is biotin, which helps with the production of nail growth. It also improves your hair elasticity and thanks to biotin your hair will be healthier and shinier.

You want to have beautiful hair and also want to know more about it? Here are five secrets for healthy long and shiny hair!

V I T A M I N   D

We all know that a little sunshine is making us happy and healthy because it contains vitamin D. However, it is also possible to take vitamin D pills or gel caps, which improves our immune system, brain health and makes our bones stronger.

O M E G A   3

Which is also known as fish oil, is giving you brain power. My mum always says to eat a lot of fish for getting smarter. Omega 3 is also helping you keep a healthy heart and for preventing inflammations. When it comes to our skin, it helps for getting our skin hydrated.

V I T A M I N   A

This vitamin will boost your cell and collagen production, but it can also help with acne, eczema or sunburns. For this vitamin, it is imperative to know, that you should not take too much of it. Therefore, it is is better to talk to your doctor first before you take vitamin A.

Essential Vitamins For Getting Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


As I just mentioned, that you can take vitamin A for collagen production, you can actually also take collagen by itself. Collagen helps your hair growth and most important, it is for skin elasticity and anti-ageing.


Do you know those days where you are drowning in work or are super stressed because of exams and finals? When I find myself in that situation, I always crave sugar like crazy. Eating so much sugar can affect the gut, which can also lead to acne. Probiotic is there for gut health. Don’t underestimate how important a healthy gut is.

Essential Vitamins For Getting Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails | THE DAILY HAPPINESS


There was a time when I suffered a lot from cramps in the leg during the middle of the night. Twitchy muscles can be the reason of lacking magnesium. Since that, I always take care of having enough magnesium in my body. Not only because of that reason but also because it helps to regulate the mood, sleep patterns and even hormone pathways. The last one is significant when it comes to breakouts and acne. Less stress and more sleep is the key to fighting acne! If you don’t lack magnesium, you can regulate both.


Last but not least, zinc. Also a mineral, which I regularly take because it reduces acne and helps healing wounds. Besides, it also is assisting with fighting colds and is an excellent antioxidant in general.

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