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Heart to Heart: Why Being Busy Shouldn’t Be As Fancy As It Sounds!

Not long ago, there was a time when I was like busy for 24/7! Whenever someone was asking me if I want to meet or do something, my answer was always “I am so sorry, but I can’t. I am too busy!”
During that time I was working in retail, so I had like two jobs, a full-time study, my blog and even exams to take. I barely saw my friends, and whenever I did, they always told me I should not do everything and should limit it to my priorities. The problem with that was that EVERYTHING was my priority!

Saying I am busy all the time allowed others to know that I was in demand. That I was a girl boss, who was always on the go and was making her dreams come true. I still remember that I felt so good about myself because I got confirmation that I am a successful career woman. Everyone was saying I was like in “SuperLyy Mode”. Due to that, I was always seeking more and doing more. I needed that stupid confirmation so much to feel good for myself. It became a huge addiction, and in my mind, I somehow made it up that I would fail in life when I wasn’t busy. Because I really thought that if I am not busy, then I am not successful. Now thinking about it? It was utterly ridiculous and insane!

Nowadays, thanks to society, we tend to say that being lazy is wrong. If someone is not busy, they don’t have a goal in life, and that is bad. The truth? No, it is definitely NOT! There is absolutely nothing wrong about not being busy! 

Once she stopped rushing through life,

she was amazed how much more life she had time for.

Guys, let me tell you something about that apparently fancy lifestyle of being all the time busy. Now, this is something I really had to learn it the hard way. Being busy all the time isn’t fancy as it sounds at all. Because the reality looks like a full calendar, where you don’t even see any blank space anymore, and furthermore, you forget what it feels like to enjoy life. You forget to realise the small and little things in front of you because you are always rushing through life. Obviously, this way of lifestyle couldn’t go right for a long time, so I totally got burned out. Burn-out hit me to the fullest because during that time I was in the middle of my exam week. So it was the most inappropriate time ever!

The result of the whole story? Of course, I messed up all my exams. Everything fell apart, and I cried a lot of tears. Somehow I even ended up in a depression. I never talked about this before, because I got out of my misery and then I was getting back into my “SuperLyy Mode”. Which then ended up in a burn out again… This has been an endless cycle through almost the last four years.

Why am I telling you this story now? LY MADEMOISELLE is an online platform to explore pretty things in life but also to INSPIRE and to dream! I am talking about this topic today because, during the last weeks, I finally found a way to maintain my situation. Everyone is recommending to get a work-life balance, but the truth is, it is definitely easier to say than to accomplish it. It has a lot to do with getting your mind at ease. To declutter your life and the most important thing; to distance yourself from everything that stresses you out and that makes you unhappy! LESS STRESS is the only new year’s resolution for myself this year, and until now I am actually living it up pretty good, to be honest.

So today, this is my introduction for the following topics on the self-care section. How to get a work-life balance which does indeed work and moreover, how to be happy!

For now, just keep in mind guys, that pursuing your dreams and your career is something beautiful and definitely something that you should be proud of, but while doing it, don’t forget the most important thing. Enjoy your life and be happy!

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