The Secret To Keep Fashionably Warm During Winter!

Winter is actually one of the hardest seasons to be fashionable. Especially this year because it is so unbelievably cold! A month ago I was on a weekend trip to Austria for skiing (for trying it out to be precise haha), and it was the first time in a decade that I have seen so much snow! It was so lovely! Everything was covered in white, and I was literally in a Winter Wonderland. Even though I was pretty amazed by it, I also feel that one weekend in a snowy landscape has already been enough.
Unfortunately, this year we got snow in the city as well in Munich. And by that, I don’t mean a little snowfall like the last years, but rather a real winter wonderland in the city! I have to admit that it looks beautiful but on the other hand, it is so cold and I am more than ready for Spring and warmer days!

Sadly, according to the weather forecast, winter isn’t going anywhere… Due to that, today I am going to share with you my top secret to keep fashionably warm during winter. Because even though you want to look fabulous, you definitely don’t want to catch a flu or even worse!

When you see my outfit, you will likely think that I am supposed to be freezing. The truth is, the appearance is deceptive! My secret? – In winter it is all about the layering!

Start with the basics and go from thinnest to the thickest material. Even though I don’t like tights, they are a must-have for winter, and I am always wearing two tights at the same time. Therefore, you can even wear a skirt during the cold days. As for the upper body, I start with a slim fitted basic top. Layering over it with a camisole lace satin top for the pretty endings, which are looking out and finishing it with a sweater layer. Last but not least throwing over a chunky knit oversized cardigan and et voilà!
For the shoes, in winter I am always trying to avoid sneakers and going for ankle boots or of course, overknees!

Finishing the look with a pretty coat, a big scarf and you are ready to get out of the house fashionably warm during winter.

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