Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

All Black Everything & Why Black is a Classy Colour

Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

All black everything in London… When I am looking at these photos, I can’t even believe it myself what I am wearing. Some of you probably already know that not long ago I was avoiding to wear black as much as possible. I don’t know why but I just didn’t like it. When I was younger, I have never wear black due to my black hair back then. Even though I am dying my hair for seven years now, I just started to wear black a few years ago. I associate black with darkness and grief, so I didn’t like this colour. My mum always told me that black is classy and to be honest, I genuinely love men in black suits, but as for me, I couldn’t be friends with that colour.

Nevertheless, somehow I started to buy black dresses because most of the fabulous dresses, especially for party nights ARE BLACK. So I just wore black for partying, but I recently realised that nowadays I have a lot of black clothes in my wardrobe and they are even clothes for daytime. The reason for that is that because last year when I started to work in retail, our dress code was black. Due to that, I had to buy a lot of new clothes in black. Besides my new wardrobe, I could also learn very important life lessons from working in retail.

Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS
Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

Anyway, since that time I am wearing more black clothes than usual, but the funny thing is, that it is just in Winter. During Spring and Summer, I am still wearing colours and white, and that will always be staying like that, but like I already mentioned in Casual Chic in Paris, style can change over your lifetime. I am not buying so many black clothes anymore since I have more than enough now, but I am thinking about this colour differently now. I have to admit that black can be even classy for women and not only for men and also it is a timeless colour.

C L A S S Y   P I E C E S

You may realise it, but I am buying my accessories such as bag and shoes in a classy model and furthermore in timeless shades. Since I am spending a lot for my bags and shoes, I want to keep them forever and don’t want that they are going out of style. But it made me think about it why there are so many people who love this colour and mainly why a lot of designers create timeless pieces in black. I mean, let’s take the classy Chanel Flap Bag, which I am also wearing in today’s outfit. When you think about it, black is the first colour which comes to your mind. The second classy colour of that bag is creme, but the black one is one of the most sold bags from Chanel. So I was curious about this topic, and I looked it up a bit.

Black Is Classy! Here Is The Reason Why | THE DAILY HAPPINESS

C O L O U R   P S Y C H O L O G Y

Recently I found out that from the perspective of colour psychology, black is associated with seriousness, fear, mystery, formality, death and evil, but also elegance and sophistication, and prestige.

They also say that the colour black affects the mind and body by helping to boost confidence since it also stands for strength and power. I would say this probably goes for black power suites for men and on the other hand black portrays one of class elegance and wealth, which means that should be the answer for why a lot of designers are creating their timeless pieces in black. Especially when it comes to the Chanel Flap bag since the meaning of this bag is standing for power, elegance and wealth.

How about you? Do you like black or do you prefer another colour as I do?

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