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London City Girl Look

Today’s look was one of my favourites back then when I was still living in London. My London city girl look how I always called it. Oh, how much I miss that feeling of dressing like whatever you want, and you are still not overdressed because there is always someone who is more stylish than you in the big city. I actually miss it to live in a metropolitan city in general.

I love the combination of a dress with a leather jacket and for colder days also with a fur vest as well. Now during autumn, I wear outfits which looks like this a lot. Just not with this dress, because this one is, to be honest missing.

I bought it from French Connection in London, and when I was moving back home, I remembered it also to put it in my suitcase. Again in Germany, while unpacking my luggage, I even saw that dress, but unfortunately, it was also the last time. No one from my family had ever seen it and even then when my parents moved to a new home last year they have not seen it either. (Normally you find a lot of “missing” items when you are moving but I was living in Paris last year, and I have not been there during the moving. So I don’t know if nobody has really seen my “missing” items or they just threw it away haha…)

I don’t know if I am the only one, but seriously sometimes I am always missing my clothes… And I am even cleaning out all my wardrobes every two months! (Make sure to check out my Vinted and Maedchenflohmarkt account.) Do you also experience strange missing clothes cases like I do or am I really the only one?

Besides dresses and leather jackets, I also wear a lot of hats in this season. I got mine from Camden Market very to my surprise because I don’t like that place so much. But I immediately found this handmade hat when I was visiting the Camden Market for the first time. Since then I am wearing it to outfits like this one or to an outfit with jeans like here. 

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