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5 Places I want to Travel to

Strolling around, discovering new cultures, exploring dream places…

Travelling is always a new fascination because it makes you realise that no matter how much you know, there’s still more to learn and to see. Due to that, I want to explore and discover new places as much as possible. Of course, I also love to return to my favourite cities, as you can see with Paris since I am a child of habit but discovering new places always gives me a new way of seeing the things.

One of the following five cities is a place where I will move to and it is going to be my new home for half a year. Can you guess which one it is? Here are five places I want to travel to!

1.   S H A N G H A I

‘Paris of the East’, which this city is also known as, is at the top of my list! I love to travel through Asia, but I have never made it to Shanghai. I actually even have never made it to China somehow, but Shanghai is a must visit place!

Besides of having the new and most significant Disneyland in the world, Shanghai is also one of the biggest cities worldwide. I want to see those bright lights of Shanghai’s skyscrapers (which didn’t even exists in 1980 yet, and now there are more than 4000!), which is defining the city and moreover, I want to experience the fantastic blend of the old and new China.

2.   N E W   Y O R K

As a huge fan of the TV shows Gossip Girl and SUITS, New York City seems like a dream place to me. A lot of people say this city would be too hectic and stressful but to me ‘the city that never sleeps’ actually sounds pretty exciting.

I have also heard that New York is like London, but just bigger and with so much more to do and to explore than in London. Well, since I love the capital of England, New York City is definitely on my list too.

3.   R O M E

Source: Margo & Me

I actually can not believe this city is even still on my ‘want to travel’ list because Italy is so close to Germany. Furthermore, my whole family already have been there. (I almost always travel with family.) Unfortunately, I had to work during the time they visited Rome.

My favourite food is Italian food. There is nothing better than a plate of Spaghetti con Frutti di mare and after that a delicious Tiramisu. Visiting the Colosseum and strolling around through Rome’s old streets sounds like a perfect summer, doesn’t it?

4.   D U B A I

Source: ooh couture

Aladdin’s world, also known as the exotic middle east with their mysterious oriental image had always attracted me.

Now, this is a city with a completely different culture, which is beyond different than the Asian or Western culture. My curiosity is the most significant motivation why I want to visit Dubai. Visiting their incredible buildings will be probably an unforgettable moment. Primarily, when visiting the tallest building in der world.

Source: Travel Den 

5.   T O K Y O

Another city in Asia I want to travel to is Tokyo. Of course, because of their perfect, delicious Sushi but also Japan very influenced my childhood. Who else loved Sailor Moon, Pokemon or also read thousands of Mangas?

I would love to visit Tokyo during the outstanding Sakura season, and trying out to wear their Kimono. Just the imagination about all the cherry blossom is already beautiful and makes me speechless.

Have you ever been to one of those cities? They are all places I really want to travel to one day. To which cities do you want to travel to? I can only recommend you to travel as much as possible. Here are reasons why you should travel now! Go explore and discover the world. 

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  • Jasmin

    Tokyo und Rom stehen definitiv auch auf meiner Liste! Ersteres ist aber erstmal zu teuer für mich, da klingt Rom realistischer 🙂 lieb so geschichtliche Orte mega!

    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende dir!

  • Hayley

    Great Blog post and love your blog

    I live in Dubai, so would highly recommend a visit!

    Rome is amazing we visited 5 years ago for our honeymoon and it was spectacular

    Hayley (www.ourdubailife.com)

  • Nummer Neun

    Nach Dubai würde ich auch gerne mal bzw. alternativ nach Abu Dhabi! Die Bilder von Shanghai sind allerdings auch sehr spektakulär.

    Nachdem ich dieses Jahr schon in Südkorea war, würde Tokio jetzt erst einmal nicht auf meiner Liste stehen. Marrakesh würde ich aber sehr gerne mal sehen, auch Madrid und Porto sollen sollen wohl sehr schön sein.

    • Ly

      Ich hab gehört dass es sich mehr lohnen soll nach Dubai zu reisen und dann für einen Tagestrip nach Abu Dhabi 🙂
      Finde persönlich aber auch beides interessant!
      Wie fandest du Südkorea?
      In Madrid war ich letztes Jahr schon weil meine beste Freundin ihr Auslandssemester dort absolviert hat. Sie fand es aber so schrecklich dort, dass ich ehrlich gesagt gar nicht so viel von der Stadt gesehen hab.

  • Beauty Mango

    Tokyo stand ja seit meiner Kindheit auch auf meiner Travel Liste und den Wunsch habe ich mir dieses Jahr erfüllt! Tokyo ist wirklich toll! Nach New York möchte ich auch unbedingt mal, aber als nächstes steht Hongkong ganz weit oben auf meiner Liste!

  • Miu

    Von deiner Liste war ich bisher nur in Rom – Shanghai steht auch auf meiner Wunschliste 😉
    Ansonsten momentan noch Lissabon ganz oben und nach Lagos würde ich auch gerne mal.

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