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Heart To Heart: Why You Should Travel Now!

Interesting how habits and attitude towards life can completely change when you get older. Back then in my teenage years, I spent my whole money on fashion and unnecessary things. And not high fashion items like those you are going to keep forever, but rather items I didn’t wear and use after a short time. My mum loves to travel, and I have always been travelling with my family, but I would have never spent my own money on travelling around. Now as a girl who is going through her early twenty-something, I have realised that happiness does not come from materialistic things, but in relationships with each other and the world around us.

For the last few years, I have been travelling a lot and also moved abroad a few times. From what I could experience I can just strongly recommend you to take the chance and travel as often as possible. Therefore, here are reasons why you should travel now!

Y O U   W I L L   R E G R E T   N O T   T R A V E L L I N G

As for me, that feeling of regretting something is one of the worst feelings ever. Because every other feeling will fade after a tome, but regretting something will haunt you forever. So take the chance as long as you can.
When you look back on your life, will you remember the things you did or didn’t do?

T I M E   I S   Y O U R   F A V O U R

Travelling is too expensive.” “I don’t have time right now“. Stop making excuses because now is the best time!

Think of it. You don’t have a family and kids yet. Getting older can also mean that you are going to buy a house and will maybe have a mortgage. So use the advantage of still being young and discover the world. (As for the part of the money, yes travelling needs money, but it doesn’t always have to be that five-star hotel or a luxury resort. There are a lot of different ways to save money, and with a saving goal, it is always easier than expected. Also if you are still a student, there are plenty of student discounts concerning travelling.)

E X P E R I E N C E   N E W   C U L T U R E S

Travelling will expanse your horizon. With the chance of exploring new cultures, usages and maybe a different philosophy of life you will gain soft skills such as empathy and compassion.

As a girl with Asian roots who is living in Europe, I can really tell you by experience that I often have the feeling I am living in two different worlds. The Asian culture is so different, yet both cultures are amazing in their own way. I have never been to the UAE, but I am so curious about their culture. So I will definitely visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi one day. (Here are four other destinations I want to visit one day!)

Furthermore, one of my favourite aspects: you can meet new people and even find friends for a lifetime. This was one of the best things that happened to me while I was living abroad.

D E V E L O P   I N D E P E N D E N C E

Learning by doing! Keeping track of passports, booking the right hotel, struggling through the metro map, or catching flights. There are a lot of to take care of when you are travelling, and sometimes you even have to manage that all on your own.

Even though it sounds scary, it actually isn’t that hard, and after a few times of surviving situations like this, you will be surprised how much you handle on your own and how independent you become. Therefore, everyone should travel alone at least once in their life!

T R A V E L   H E L P S   W H A T   Y O U   W A N T   I N   L I F E

Sometimes in life, you just don’t know what you want yet. Travelling while young can be an excellent opportunity to diversify your experience early in life because it can open your mind to new possibilities. It takes you outside of your comfort zone, helps you to realise that you might want something different in life and also to get a new perspective on things at home.

Dare to dream, be brave and go on adventures!

You can make your home everywhere on this world and even when you get homesick or miss your family and friends; then you will always have that lovely feeling of coming home and be welcomed whenever you want! So pack your carry on must-havestravel in style, explore the world and travel now!

For more travel inspiration head over to my Pinterest. Share it, pin it – spread the love! <3

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