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Carry On Must-Haves For Jet-Set Girls

For me, flying is one of the best things ever. It simply gives me a feeling of freedom and sometimes when I am lucky enough I catch a sunrise or sunset while I am in the sky and that view always takes my breath away. The first time I got on a plane was at the age of six with my mini carry on. Since then I can’t even count anymore how often I was in the air. Most of my relatives are living in Vietnam, and my parents and I love to explore and discover Asia.

Due to that, we also took a lot of long time flights. From flight to flight, I just developed my carry on must haves, which I can’t fly without anymore. Of course, you don’t need all of them for two hours flying, but for a long time flight, they might be helpful for you as well.

Breeze through check-in

with these chic travel essentials.

L O V E L Y   P A S S P O R T   C O V E R

It happens to my mum and me once that our passports got stolen. Of course, that had to happen a few weeks before our holidays to Vietnam and Hong Kong… You can’t imagine how stressful it is to lose the only important document for getting on a plane. I remember that back then we didn’t even know if we could still go on holiday but luckily we got our new passports three days before departure and since then I never left my passport out of sign. Furthermore, now I just travel with my passport when I am flying overseas because for travelling in Europe I only need my ID.


Now, this might sound self-evident during winter or cold days, but I even take a scarf with me during summer. You never know how cold the air conditioning is and especially in the air, it can get colder. Besides, in many cities the AC is so high that you will also need a scarf even if it is a hot summer and it has like 35° degree outside.

I also always take a thin jacket or a cardigan with me because even if you get a blanket on long time flights, sometimes it is still too cold for me.


I have been playing instruments since I am little and I love music and singing. Music can express so many feelings and situations, and I am listening to music every free minute or when I am doing something that I don’t need a quiet surrounding. So headphones are a must have! I have been using the FRENDS headphone on planes for years now because they are noise cancelling.

Unfortunately, the headphones don’t fit with my phone, but if you also have an iPhone 7, there is an adapter, which you got with your iPhone. (Just in case you didn’t know like me haha.)

I N – F L I G H T   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

It depends on the time duration of the flight what I am doing on a plane. I always take a book with me, but most of the time I am doing work or university stuff. Movies are also a good in-flight entertainment, which my family for example really enjoys. In my case, I just watch a film if there is a really good movie on the plane. The last time I found “Beauty and the Beast” and “Me before you” on my flight with Qatar and yes, I was actually crying on the plane. And sometimes I am just catching up on my sleep, but as I already mentioned, most of the time I am busy with university or work stuff.

E Y E   M A S K

For sweet dreams on overseas flights I always take my silk sleep eye mask from SLIP with me. This investment was worth every penny because it is so soft and it really helps me to get my beauty sleep on a plane.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might saw that I was flying from Hanoi to Seoul. Now, this wasn’t an overseas flight, but my flight was in the middle of the night. Besides that, it also took me four hours to get to Seoul, so I took my sleep mask with me as well, and I was happy about it because it was so much easier to fell asleep and get sweet dreams with it.

N E C K   P I L L O W

With matching colours, of course, my neck pillow has to be in rose as well. I wanted to have a convertible neck pillow because my skin is very sensitive and I always get breakouts on my cheeks when I am pushing my face against the plane pillow for 11 hours. If you’re going to buy a neck pillow, then buy one with a strap for tying it on your bag or suitcase because then it is unlikely to lose your pillow. Haha trust me, I speak from experiences.

P O R T A B L E   C H A R G E R

A portable charger is, in general, a must have for your vacation, but it is better to take it in your carry on. Sometimes there is a USB point for charging your phone on your plane, but I still remember that moment when I was doing something important on my phone because my calendar and notes on it are almost all the time business and study related and then, of course, the USB point didn’t work… Since then I am always taking my portable charger with me in my carry on bag.


11 hours or more can be very tough and exhausting. It can even get worse when you don’t like air plane food. So prepare for yourself and bring small snacks on board.

J E W E L L E R Y   C A S E

Now, this is not a must have but more a nice to have item. I always recommend you to take valuable items such like jewellery in your carry on. I just rewarded myself with the LV jewellery case after my exams, and I love it. It’s easier to transport my lovely pieces, and they are also get protected from scratches.


Take your sunglasses as a life saver when you just landed. They come in real handy when you are feeling jetlagged. Besides, sunglasses always make people look mysterious and help them to travel in style. Therefore, always keep a sunglasses with you, wherever you go!

C O M P R E S S I O N   T I G H T S   /   S O C K S

Sitting for eleven hours without moving can be very painful! Try to get up a few times and do yourself a favour and move a little bit. Compression tights can be very helpful as well. I bought a pair from FALKE, and they are excellent. I had the feeling that my legs didn’t get so tired. The only disadvantage about them is just the moment when you’re putting them on. So for this time, I didn’t wear them because I was too lazy, but my mum used them, and she was thankful for this carry on must have!

Did you get inspired for travelling now after seeing all those carry on must haves? If yes, here are five places you might want to travel to. They are all destinations I want to travel one day! And if you are still not sure about vacation and travelling then read this heart to heart article why you should travel now!

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