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A Love Letter to Paris

Paris, my home away from home…

“Isn’t it boring to visit Paris so often? Ly, you are travelling to Paris again? You are always in Paris.” Friends and family always ask me questions like this and to be fair: I have been travelling to the city of love quite often during this and last year, but I simply love this city so much. I mean, how can someone not love Paris?

Maybe you are not in your twenties yet, but if you are living in your twenties like me, or have already experienced it, then you know how hard and tight your twenties can sometimes be. From struggling with your studies, your career, your finances or just being anxious. Problems of a twenty-something seem never to end. And as for me, Paris is my constant source of happiness and inspiration. Even a rainy and bad day in the French capital is still better than anywhere else.

A walk in Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty,

and the point of life. Thomas Jefferson

It all started with my abroad semester last year. Ironically, I didn’t even want to go to the capital of France in the first place. I wanted to go back to London, but through to different reasons, I ended up in Paris. In the end, everything that happens happened for a better reason.

During my abroad semester I met amazing people, who became really close friends of mine now. Also, my best friend did his abroad semester in the same city as well, and so we all had a fantastic time. I think you will always fell connected to a place when you made so many special memories there. Furthermore, Paris has always been one of my favourite cities because of their beautiful sightseeing. Through the chance of living there, I could also explore hidden places on my own, and I just enjoyed the fact that in the city centre of Paris everything is so marvellous. In Paris, you will find art, fashion, fantastic food, history and when all these lovely things still don’t make your day, then there is still the happiest place on earth: Disneyland!

I can’t tell you exactly why this city is so charming to me. But I just enjoy it to stroll through the streets with that beautiful architecture and those lovely gardens. To relax, to shop French fashion, to eat the best macarons from Ladurée, to get attracted to the art and just listen to the most elegant language in the world. So whenever I am in Paris, I just feel inspired, relaxed, happy and I can’t wait to be back again.

TOP – Mango
SKIRT – Sandro
BAG – Valentino
HEELS – Valentino

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