La Parisienne: Essential Items For A Parisian Style

When it comes to an effortless chic, insanely sophisticated and timeless style, I immediately have to think about “La Parisienne”. What is it about the French saying “je ne sais quoi” that makes all Parisian girls enviable? Of course besides of living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and having a great cultural background they simply have a unique, effortlessly chic style.

I had the great opportunity of living in Paris for a while and Paris simply inspire me. I always had a French style but with the chance of experience the culture and everything I else, I also could embrace my inner Parisienne with still my style. Do you want to dress like a Parisian as well? No problem! With these classic pieces, you can dress like a Parisian wherever you are!

1.   T H E   P E R F E C T   J E A N S

Even though I adore dresses and skirts because they suit me better and they are so feminine and be the matter of fact, that they fit perfectly with the romantic locations in Paris, the perfect jeans are the basic of the basics.

Nowadays, there are tonnes of different jeans. From Mom-jeans (my new favourites by the way), through destroyed and boyfriend over to the classic skinny jeans. For Parisians, jeans mean anytime and anywhere possible.

2.   T H E   C L A S S I C   T R E N C H   C O A T

I think everyone can agree with me that the classic trenchcoat stands for Burberry and furthermore for British. Luckily fashion is adaptable, and due to that, the classic trench coat is not only a must have in England but also in Paris and everywhere else.

Like with jeans there are different styles as well, and I am wearing a waterfall trenchcoat here, but in my opinion, a classic heritage trench coat in grey or camel is a must have. Whether you want to dress Parisian or not.

Here is another La Parisienne look with a trench coat. However, it’s a rosé trench coat and styled with a skirt this time.

3.   A   S I M P L E   S H I R T

The most famous shirt for Parisians is the black and white strap shirt or a simple white t-shirt.

Since I am still wearing what fits the most to me and what I like, I went for a black lace shirt with a zipper. Still timeless because of the colour, yet a little bit romantic because of the lace and definitely as beautiful as the stripe or white shirt.

4.   B O O T S   O R   B A L L E T   F L A T S

I have never seen as many women wearing boots then as somewhere else in Paris! Whether combined with jeans or cute summer dresses! Boots are not just super stylish; they are also more comfortable than high heels. I was walking through the whole Paris with my black boots!

If you prefer more flats than boots, then choose ballerina flats. I know guys don’t like them and I also know girls who are not wearing them either because of that fact. But you know what? Be selfish and more necessary BE CONFIDENT!
Ballerina flats are so classy and elegant and if you like them as I do, then go for it! In the end, you have to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit and not someone else.

5.   T H E   S T A T E M E N T   B A G

Last but not least, the statement bag! With the right bag, you can add a little touch of something special to every outfit.

When I was younger, I used to buy thousands of cheap bags from Primark, Zara and H&M. There were so many of them that I couldn’t event count them anymore. The problem with that? The cheaper an item was, the faster it got destroyed. Now just accumulate the whole money I spend on all those bags for all those years… With all of that money, I could have invested in so much better.

Fortunately, I learnt from my mistakes, and I started to spend less in hundreds of bags and invested in a few good ones with quality. So quality over quantity is the key here! Now I know that a Chanel bag or from another brand is a lot of money, but I think if you invest in one good one which you will keep for a lifetime then it is worth the investment!

Of course, this outfit and these items are not the only perfect Parisian details. There are a few more, which I will show you among different outfits. What do you think of the La Parisienne look? Do like the style or not? Got inspired by it? Here are top 15 things to do in Paris and also restaurants you can not miss there!

For more Paris inspiration head over to my Pinterest.

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