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Skinny is Out! Say Hi to MOM-JEANS!

“Skinny is out!” I was laughing while I was kidding my best friend. For the last years, we got so used to wear skinny jeans. It is true that the trend is going to boyfriend jeans and mom-jeans but on the other hand, in my opinion, you can never go wrong and especially never go out of style with skinny jeans. I am still wearing skinny jeans, but I also got so bored of it, that I wanted to try something new. When it comes to trends, it always takes me a while because I am not running after trends. I’m wearing items when I have the feeling they suit and fit me. My beloved cousin says that I am more the dresses and skirts girl and my mum says that as well. I know that they are right, but fashion is so much more than just having one style.

A few years ago I was so into dresses, that I barely had like three or four trousers. A huge advantage of working in the fashion industry next to my studies is that you always get confronted with the latest trends. This also happened to me with the mom-jeans. I knew it had been a trend for a while now, but I never considered it to wear one. One day I thought it is actually a stunning piece. Why not trying it. I wasn’t so sure about the shape because a Mom-jeans is high waisted, which is entirely okay for me but the straight legs were looking weird. My colleague told me to try it at least, and since that, I didn’t want to get out of the jeans anymore. A mom-jeans gives you an entirely different shape, and it emphasises your curves.

M O M – J E A N S

I think it is nice that a trend from the 90’s is having a comeback because for me it is so much more convenient than a boyfriend jeans. I love to try out new things and yes, even though I have my personal style with classy, dresses and heels, I still figure out new and different styles every day.

In today’s outfit, I am wearing the mom jeans with a crop top. This could be one combination, but you can also style it with a shirt for showing your waist. So the next time, I will show you how to style a mom jeans with a shirt or blouse instead of a crop top. Here’s how to style your jeans with a t-shirt and still looking stylish!

What do you think about the mom-jeans? Do you already have one or wouldn’t you wear it? If you’re still looking for the right pair, I might have a few as a recommendation for you from ASOS or the brand I am wearing above this text.

TOP – Sandro
JEANS – Sandro
BAG – Valentino
HEELS – Evita Shoes
SUNGLASSES – Dior (similar)

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