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Winter to Spring: 5 Steps to Transition Your Outfits

Temperatures are becoming milder, the skies are more beautiful and the evenings are getting lighter… From Winter to Spring! The new season is finally in the air. I already got spring vibes because at work we already received the new Spring / Summer collection, my next semester at uni is about going to start (this always gives me a refreshing feeling), and a few days ago I just received the invitation to the Spring party at Heart Club here in Munich.

Do you know that happy feeling and you’re so motivated to clean and declutter things in your life? I would say I’m definitely ready for spring cleaning and spring in general. Even though the temperatures are getting milder, it is still a little bit too cold for cute Spring outfits. In fact, of this, I am transitioning my outfits with my favourite pieces from Winter to Spring outfits.

You all probably know that annoying moment when in the morning and the evening it is too cold, and during midday, it is too warm because of the sun. Therefore, here are five steps to transition your outfits from Winter to Spring.

1.   B L O U S E S   I N S T E A D   O F   S W E A T E R S

Like in my outfit today I would recommend going for beautiful blouses or shirts instead of a sweater. They are not too hot for middays in the sun. Thin sweaters are still allowed, but I think it’s time to pack your thick sweaters away.

I went for my beautiful black blouse with lace applications. Besides, wearing a blouse always makes you look more chic.

2.   K E E P I N G   Y O U R


They have been my favourite winter piece for the whole season, and I think I even start wearing them already in autumn. Overknees always give you an adorable feeling and look because your legs look so much longer with them and they are keeping you so warm!

My favourite overknee boots are from Stuart Weitzmann. They are so comfy, and if you want to invest in one good pair then I would say it’s them! Not so sure how to style them? Here is how to style your overknees!

3.   Y O U   C A N ‘ T   G O   W R O N G

W I T H   S K I N N Y   J E A N S

Do I need to say anything more? I mean skinny jeans is an allrounder for the whole year. The perfect skinny jeans, which went through everything with me is from Levi’s. They have jeans for people with short legs just like me. So if you’re so sick about too long jeans legs then go for Levi’s.

If the combination of jeans and overknees is to warm for you, then go for a cute skirt. Here’s how to kill it in a skirt even if it’s cold!

4.   T H E   P E R F E C T   C O A T

Chose your coat wisely. You don’t want to carry around a thick winter coat with you during the day when it’s too warm for a jacket.

This beautiful cashmere coat with a fur collar is from a friend of mine. It was not too thick, but because of the cashmere, it still kept me warm. Not to mention, it suited my outfit perfectly.

5.   C O M P L E T E   W I T H   A   S T A T E M E N T   B A G

For matching the colour of my overknee boots, I picked my Saint Laurent bucket bag. I’ve been looking for a bag like this for so long. Luckily I found this one with the perfect size and the perfect leather!

With outfits like this, I won’t get into that annoying moment when it’s too cold or too hot during this winter to springtime. Prepared for the days, and now it’s time to plan the upcoming new spring trends…

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