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Heart to Heart: How to find the perfect present (+gift guide)

It is that time of the year again. Today is the 1st of March which means my birthday month has just started. By that, I mean all the organisational stuff about my birthday. My invitations are already sent out, and now it is time to prepare the last steps. Party and brunch planning, outfits, decoration and everything else for the perfect event. (If you don’t want to miss these impressions, make sure to follow me on Snapchat @lyy.hng and Instagram.) Even though it is a tremendous stress every year, I still love to plan and organise events.
In acquaintance with birthdays, there is always the question “how to find the perfect present”?
How ironic it is that for 95% I always find the perfect gift for my family and friends, but when someone asks me what I would like for birthday I never got a clue. This year it was even harder to think about any wishes. I think the older you get, the more you appreciate the attendance of your family and friends instead of wishes. When it comes to me, I also love it more to give presents than receiving one. The happy face of your beloved people when they open their present and just find something which makes them so happy. For me, this is the most beautiful moment ever.
So today I’m going to share with you, my secrets how to find the perfect present.

The most important thing is always to listen to your family and friends carefully. When you’re sitting together at a café, and your friend sees something she likes from a person who crosses you, notice that in your mind. When you’re going shopping together, have a look what is the person looking at? Or have a look at your family members and friends what are they wearing? Which brands does she like? Is she more the heels and dresses girl or does she prefer more the edgy look with sneakers and leather jacket? Is he or she a business person or a jet setter? Trust me, when you pay attention to all these little things, it will help you a lot!
Another very helpful fact, which you might don’t notice before is that you usually surround yourself with people who likes the same things as you. I think this is just normal in a friendship because you influence each other.
For family members, it is always a little bit harder. Especially when your mum and your aunt already have everything, but in the end, we women are all the same. We love the personal things with a beautiful meaning.

Starting with jewellery. In my opinion, you will never go wrong with gold or silver. First of all, this is a present you can keep forever and secondly jewellery comes with personal meaning. Like Marilyn Monroe once said: “Diamonds are girl’s best friend” and it’s not without reason that in one of the most popular movies worldwide Rose got that heart necklace with the ocean diamond. If you’re going for jewellery as a present, the person who will receive it will always think about you when they will wear it. My special tip: go for something with an engraving. This will be the most significant and personal present ever!

Fashion, in contrast, is a very tricky thing. You really have to be entirely sure that the person is going to wear it. In this case, I have it a little bit easier because I am working in the fashion branch. Due to that, I am always getting confronted with the newest fashion trends and I am learning a lot about what fits with a person or not. Anyway, for clothes, shoes or bags, I would just recommend it if it’s your Bestie, your mum or someone who is really close to you.  If they have the same taste and style, I think it is easier to find something pretty but if not, think about what the particular person like and try don’t to involve your own sense of style.

A classy present is beauty products such as makeup, perfume, skin- or haircare. Almost every woman is wearing make-up und you can never have enough cosmetic products. One of my additional minors which I was studying in Paris and even now in Munich is Luxury Business Management. I could already learn a lot of impressive things, and something which I heard about in Paris and will never forget is that “women who buy lipstick do not just buy colour for their lips – they buy hope”. A perfect product which comes into my mind after reading this sentence is the “Lips and Boys” campaign from Tom Ford Beauty. They named their lipsticks after Boys’ names. And yes, I already have my “Lips and Boys” lipstick with a particular name as well… 😉
Charles Revson famously said: “In the factory, we make cosmetics, in the store we sell hope”. Women love makeup and beauty products. If you decide to go for cosmetics, the things you have to consider is the brand and also what skin or hair does the person have if it will be skin- or haircare products. Which brand does the person like? My favourite brands are definitely Chanel and YSL Beauty, but I also discovered Tom Ford Beauty for me, and at the moment I adore their products. On the other hand, I also know that there are also a lot of girls who prefer MAC or NARS for example.

Nowadays everyone lives with technologies and the internet. These kind of presents are a little bit more expensive, but it hasn’t always to be a new phone, laptop or an iPad. If you still want to go for technology stuff how about cases, headphones or useful software programmes such like Microsoft Office?

If you didn’t like all the recommendations, which I made before, there are also different small things like interior gifts. Vases or glasses are provided as a good present, and also books when the person likes to read. Apart from that small key and bag chains are excellent as well.

Typically when you buy a present, you want that the person who will receive it will keep it forever, don’t you? Now, let me tell you my personal highlights. Of course, I also like diamonds and other material stuff as well but my favourite presents are presents, which comes from the heart with a big and wonderful meaning. Cause I know for sure these kinds of gifts come with love.
My mum baked me a lot of beautiful cakes last years. For my 21st birthday, my beloved best friend also baked cupcakes for me, even though she never baked before, and my boy best friend bought me a cake last year (and that idea was even his own, I was so happy about it because normally he isn’t that type of person). Another friend drew me an illustration which was one of the most beautiful presents I received last year.
Last year I also got 22 roses from my parents and to be honest, that was my only wish from my parents. Cakes, flowers and balloons are not presents which will last forever but the memory and that moment of happiness will last forever. Simply because these gifts came with a lot of love.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14

For my gift guide this year I divided it into three parts. Presents for the fashion and beauty lover, for the business girl and the jet set girl.


Gucci Belt (1):
I think everybody who has a passion for fashion and especially for the luxury segment noticed the huge comeback from Gucci. I really like the new and clean logo, and the belt would be a nice present for all fashionistas.

Christian Louboutin nail polish & Tom Ford Makeup (5 & 6):
For all beauty lovers, the fancy nail polishes from Christian Louboutin are must haves! Also the limited edition from Tom Ford. The gold and white look are perfect for the upcoming summer!

Louis Vuitton bag chain (10):
You can never go wrong with a bag or key chain. Because the person who will receive it will always carry it around and in some way, you will always be by their side

Pandora ring (12):
Same goes for jewellery. This Pandora ring stands for the symbol of faithfulness, which can be perfect for a relationship or friendship.


iPad case & iPad pen (2 & 3):
For all the girly business girls the iPad and the in particular iPad case in rosé is a must have! Do I need to say more? I mean rosé gold!! Also very useful is the iPad pen if you need to work and take a lot of notes with it.

#girlboss” & “Girl Code” book (13 & 14):
Another classy present are books. The very famous #Girlboss book from Sophia Amoruso and also the Girl Code book are simply made for business girls.


Travel pillow (4):
A travel pillow will be her best friend when it comes to long distance flights. Especially this one because you can hang it on your suitcase and also transform it into a standard pillow.

Balmain hair brush travel size (7):
You know what I hate the most when I travel? Carrying a lot of heavy bags with me. Luckily there is everything in travel size for the solution of this problem. This Balmain hair brush in travel size is definitely my personal must-have!

Kate Spade & Louis Vuitton luggage tags – only available in stores (8):
For not losing your suitcases these lovely luggage tags can be very helpful. The one from Louis Vuitton you can even personalise with your initials.

Louis Vuitton jewellery case (11):
Also, a jewellery case for travelling can be very helpful. I had to learn the hard way that this is very necessary because all my jewellery were a mess after my last holiday trip. Another benefit about this case? You can also personalise it with your initial as well.

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  • Sassi

    Wow, was für ein Megablumenstrauss, sieht einfach toll aus.
    Welches Girl ist nicht entzückt wenn es eine türkise Schachtel gibt?
    Danke für die schönen Geschenktipis.
    Liebe grüße

  • Miu

    Mir ist der Louis-Vuitton-Schlüsselanhänger sofort ins Auge gefallen <3 Aber ich verlieren solche Sachen so oft, wenn ich sie an der Tasche trage 🙁 Zum Beschenken finde ich deinen Hinweis toll, dass man auf die kleinen Dinge im Alltag achten muss, wenn man mit der Person zusammen ist 🙂 Ich finde es allerdings auch nicht schlimm, wenn man fragt, ob das Geburtstagskind einen Wunsch hat 🙂

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