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Welcome to Ly Mademoiselle

Every moment is an opportunity 

to inspire, create, explore and to dream!

When I was younger, I often visited Paris with my parents. Paris is a city we explored a lot because it is very close to my hometown Stuttgart in the south of Germany. There was something about this place which has been fascinating me until today. The city, the chicness, and of course the style. For a few years, I forgot how big my love for Paris is but when I moved to the capital of France last year I got reminded that Paris is such a sophisticated and cultivated place with full of good food, art, beautiful buildings and fashion. French fashion has always been my style. Classic, elegance, timeless and with a touch of edgy and romance. Because of all these reasons it inspired and led me to Ly Mademoiselle.

For the ones, who don’t know me yet. My name is Ly, and I am currently living in Munich for my studies. I was blogging on City Talk for the last years, and it came along with me through so much, but in the end, I just grew out of it. I loved City Talk, but somehow, I couldn’t identify myself with it anymore. So, I decided to take a chance for a new and fresh start. At this point, I want to say thanks to all my lovely readers who joined and supported me during the last years. It means the world to me, and I hope you will join Ly Mademoiselle and me for the next years as well, and I also hope that you will enjoy it as much as you did before. 


What will Ly Mademoiselle be about?

You will get more travel posts because I am going to live abroad for this and next year again. Everything you need to know and to consider about moving abroad. More lifestyle topics such as career, university, daily tasks and everything a 20 something is going through and of course a lot of fashion with the inspiration of the Parisian style!

If you were already reading City Talk, then you will probably notice a few familiar photos and posts. For that reason, I decided to adopt my favourite posts but with a new update of course!

Thanks to all my regular readers who also made it to Ly Mademoiselle and a lovely welcome to everyone who just made it new to here. Cheers to new ideas, new inspirations and amazing moments with you guys!


Love, Ly

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